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Here Are Six Black Women Owned Businesses to Support

Mocktail Club
Mocktail Club

*February is Black History Month — in case you are compiling a shopping guide of Black-Owned Businesses, please consider the following brands. From drinks to planners to super fun roller skates, a Black-owned business has items to suit your reader’s needs.

Take a look.

Mocktail Club

Founder: Pauline Idogho

Price: $16.95 for 4-pack

Available on Amazon.

Thanks to Mocktail Club founder Pauline Idogho you can still celebrate festive times with flavorful and sparkling beverages. Partake in a Manhattan Berry (a mix of blackberries, pear shrub, and a dominant linger of ginger) or Capri Sour (a tart Italian Spritz-like blend of pomegranate, cranberry, apple cider vinegar, and lemongrass) sans the alcohol. The ready-to-drink mocktails can be enjoyed on their own or mixed in with a favorite recipe.

Choosing to cut alcohol for health reasons or going sober just because has never been easier. Inspired by her global travels and quest to find healthy and enjoyable alternatives to alcohol, Pauline began creating bold and daring flavors that are typically not found in non-alcoholic beverages. What started as a passion project has evolved into something quite significant.

Recently featured on WGBH, an NPR affiliate with another notable non-alcoholic brand, Athletic Brewing, Pauline advocates for the rising need for liquor-free drinks and the rapid increase in this emerging sector.

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Adrienne Cooper
Adrienne Cooper

Moonlight Roller

Founder: Adrienne Cooper

Price: $250.00

Moonlight Roller is an open community of skaters who love to lace up and get down. Started as a way to bring more light to the skating community and offer skating enthusiasts a brand that delivers superb quality and ultra-cool designs, Moonlight Roller is more than a roller skate brand, they are true advocates of this rich and beloved community. From dark, rich suedes to cosmic holographic and animal prints, these skates are all high-quality, expertly sized, and absolutely gorgeous as a ’70s disco throwback! The retro skates feature a moon cutout on the boot and a wider toe box making the breaking-in process easier. That way, hit that roller disco floor, never missing a beat! Founder Adrienne Cooper (Forbes 30 Under 30) heads up this funky community and assures her fans that disco is in fact not dead!

Sarah Clifford Owen
Sarah Clifford Owen

The Worthington Collection

Founder: Sarah Clifford Owen

Price: Starting at $60.00

The Worthington Collection is specially designed to remove odors permanently from any room! Give yourself the gift of relaxation and enjoy a fresher home while transforming it with these beautifully fragranced, odor-eliminating candles, all featuring a clean burn. The Black woman-owned brand was founded out of necessity. These beautiful candles are practical and gorgeous for any home or office.

Sylvia Brownlee
Sylvia Brownlee

Cryotherapy Ball from Skin by Brownlee & Co.

Founder: Sylvia Brownlee

Price: $25.00

Affiliated with ShareASale

Take the guesswork out of your skincare routine with Skin by Brownlee & Co. Founded by esthetician and black beauty owner Sylvia Brownlee, her mission is to bolster confidence by helping clients achieve a clearer and healthier complexion while addressing acne-prone issues.

The Cryotherapy Ball is one of her best sellers and is a zero-mess, stainless steel facial ball that takes the place of ice to calm inflammation and speed up your skin’s recovery process. It is recommended for all skin types – acne friendly! The stainless steel ball glides comfortably over the skin and combines the art of massaging with ice therapy. Sylvia’s Cryotherapy Ball, along with her other bestsellers, is about to launch on January 23!

Ashley Kennedy Natural Lash Set
Ashley Kennedy Natural Lash Set

Ashley Kennedy Natural Lash Set

Founders: Ashley & Devin

Price: $22.99

Ashley Kennedy makes it super easy and affordable with its must-have faux mink lash sets that are perfect for happy hours with co-workers, going out for dinner with family and friends, and traveling this season. Everything is vegan, cruelty-free, and Leaping Bunny Certified. Grab a set or kit with the must-have adhesive pen and enjoy the confidence-building experience. The Natural Lash Set is their best-selling lash set! It includes the Palm Springs half lash and the super popular San Diego Lash. Both will give you that natural volume with a hint of spice!

Alitzah Stinson
Alitzah Stinson

Ivory Paper Co

Founder: Alitzah Stinson

Price: Varies

Affiliate: ShareASale

Ivory Paper Co. was inspired by CEO Alitzah Stinson’s busy schedule as a goal to help others improve their daily life through organization and prioritization. Named after her daughter, Eleanor Ivory, she wanted to take charge of her life and follow her passions. Through her beautifully designed planners and stationery, she wants others to enjoy those “not so planned” moments.

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