Thursday, October 6, 2022

Kanye West Stopped ‘Graphic’ Second Sex Tape of Kim Kardashian, Ray J From Leaking

*Kanye West has revealed he obtained a laptop from Ray J that contains unreleased footage of Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. 

We previously reported that Ray J’s former manager Wack 100 claims there is another sex tape of the singer and his ex-girlfriend. Wack made the claims on Bootleg Kev’s podcast, but as reported by Page Six, Kim’s attorney shot down the existence of a second sex tape. 

“The claim that there is an unreleased sex tape is unequivocally false,” attorney Marty Singer told Page Six. “It is unfortunate that people make these statements to try and get their 15 minutes of fame.”

Wack said the second sex tape is “more graphic and better than” the 2002 video that catapulted Kim to infamy status.

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Ray J & Kim Kardashian (Wireimage-Getty)

In a new interview with Jason Lee of “Hollywood Unlocked,” Ye said he retained the laptop from Ray J and turned it over to his estranged wife. 

“I went and got the laptop from Ray J myself that night,” West, 44, said during the interview, which was released on Monday. “I met this man at the airport, then got on a red-eye, came back [and] delivered it to her at 8 a.m. in the morning.”

West claimed Kardashian cried at the sight of the laptop.

“She cried when she saw it. You know why she cried when she seen it on the laptop? Because it represents how much she’s been used,” the rapper said. “It represents how much people didn’t love her, and they just saw her as a commodity.”

However, in a statement obtained by PEOPLE, a rep for Kardashian denied the existence of a second sex tape.

“After review, there was nothing sexual unseen, only footage on the plane on the way to Mexico and footage at a club and restaurant on the same trip,” the rep said. “Kim remains firm in her belief that there is no new second tape that exists. After 20 years, she truly wishes to move on from this chapter with focus instead on the positive things she continues to do as a mother, entrepreneur and advocate for justice reform.”

In October 2018, Kardashian revealed that West was warned not to date her because of the tape.

“We’ve been through a lot together,” she told Van Jones on Be Woke Vote. “He’s put himself up against the world for me when everyone told him, ‘You cannot date a girl with a sex tape. You cannot date a reality show girl. This is going to ruin your career.’ Everyone told him that. To me, he was like, ‘Oh, you’re not going to tell me what to do.'”

She also confessed during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” that she is not looking forward to the day when she will have to explain the sex tape to her four kids whom she shares with West.

“I don’t know [what I’ll tell them about it] yet,” she said. “I mean, I have an idea, and I think I’m just gonna be super honest and real with them. That’s all you can really be.”

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