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Jeannie Mai Jenkins Reveals Gender of Baby Monaco Mai Jenkins – It’s A Girl! | WATCH

*On THE REAL airing Wednesday, January 26, co-host Jeannie Mai Jenkins – who initially announced that her newborn would be “gender fluid” – has now revealed that baby Monaco Mai Jenkins is a girl!

Jeannie reveals the gender for the first time to fellow co-hosts Garcelle Beauvais, Adrienne Houghton, Loni Love and guest co-host Tommy Davidson and also talks about how she feels being the mom of a girl.

Adrienne Houghton:
You didn’t just drop in to, you know, shoot the breeze with us, oh no. You are delivering some super exciting news! Real fam, what do you say that we have a gender reveal for baby Monaco right here, right now, on The Real. Jeannie, without further ado, take it away babe.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins:
OK, so I am very excited to share that Monaco Mai Jenkins is a girl!

Adrienne Houghton:
Didn’t I say it? I know it sounds so dumb, but I really wanted you to have a girl! I don’t know why?

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The Real - Jeannie Gender Reveal Reaction - screenshot
The Real – Jeannie Gender Reveal Reaction – screenshot

Jeannie Mai Jenkins:
I understand, and we talked about it. We talked about bonding with a girl, the choices of fashion for a girl, all the things that we love being a woman, so I get it. Adrienne, I totally thought of you, when I was like, ‘what?’ We were shocked, because everybody thought it was a boy.  I want to say to all moms out there the superstitions like, how high your belly is, and you know, what your skin is like, all those things aren’t true. Throw ‘em out the window, I’m telling you, none of them are true.

Loni Love:
Jeannie, I changed two days ago. I said, no, something is telling me, Monaco is a girl. Monaco Mai Jenkins is a fly ass name!

Adrienne Houghton:
Jeannie, we literally said, if it’s a girl, do you know how bad ass she’s going to be as a grown woman walking into a room and saying, “Hi, Monaco Mai, nice to meet you.” How dope of a name. We just love that, and I think people thought that because the name ends in an “O” that it was a boy. We were like, ‘I don’t feel like Jeannie is that straightforward, like it’s an O name.’

Loni Love:
We know Jeannie. Our Jeannie is never straightforward.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins:
You guys know that I named the baby, well we named the baby, before the baby was even born.  The baby’s name is a meaning, there was no like, other reasons for that. So yeah, it was such a surprise.

Loni Love:
Oh my goodness!

Jeannie Mai Jenkins:
It feels relieving to tell you guys because I’ve been waiting to tell you guys too.

Jeannie Mai Jenkins - screenshot
Jeannie Mai Jenkins (Gender reveal) – screenshot

Adrienne Houghton:
How do you feel about being the mom of a girl?

Jeannie Mai Jenkins:
That’s the part that I’m still just so overwhelmed with, you know.  I can’t explain to you how many visions jumped into my head this moment I put that little girl into my hands. I thought about my relationship with Mama Mai. That already, I can’t wait to have that bond with Monaco. I also thought about all the things that I didn’t learn as a little girl, that I can’t wait to teach my daughter now. There’s just so many reasons why raising a little girl is such an honor to me. I would have been happy with anything, but to have Monaco, I can’t tell you, I feel chosen. It’s emotional and I can’t wait to raise a really strong, loving, empathetic, humorous, fashionable, fly, little girl.

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