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72-Yr-Old Mother of Kandi Burruss Gets Butt Treatment in New Bravo Series | LOOKWatch!

Kandi Burruss - Mama Joyce's butt - Instagram
Kandi Burruss’ 72-year-old mother, Joyce Jones — aka “Mama Joyce” — enjoys an apparent butt treatment on her daughter’s latest Bravo spin-off. – Instagram

*Kandi Burruss has a new reality series coming to Bravo reality called “Kandi & the Gang,” which will follow her family and the staff at her Old Lady Gang (OLG) restaurant.

As reported by People, the series will center on Burruss, her husband Todd Tucker and the staff of OLG “as they face a much-needed change at the restaurant while juggling their career ambitions, larger-than-life personalities and personal lives,” according to a press release.

“After being hit with a myriad of obstacles, Kandi and Todd step in with a plan to turn the tide. With tensions rising as family members don’t perform up to standards, a little tough love and a lot of restructuring will shake things up with the staff, whether they’re ready for it or not,” the release continues.

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In a new preview, Burruss’ mother, 72-year-old mother, Joyce Jones — better known as “Mama Joyce” — prepares for an apparent butt treatment. 

“That booty look right for 72!” Burruss says in the YouTube clip above. 

“Kandi & the Gang” is Burruss’ latest spin-off for the network after “The Kandi Factory,” “Kandi’s Wedding,” “Kandi’s Ski Trip” and “Xscape Still Kickin’ It”. 

Bravo previously released a trailer for the show, which also features Burruss’ aunts Bertha Jones and Nora Wilcox, who inspired OLG’s name and menu.

Kandi Burruss and the Old Lady Gang

“Four years ago, my husband Todd and I started a family restaurant called Old Lady Gang. OLG was a hit,” Burruss says in the trailer.

“But now it’s dysfunctional. Between your family and some of that staff, those people are crazy in there,” adds Tucker.

Kandi & The Gang” premieres on Bravo on Sunday, March 6 at 9 p.m. ET.

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