Friday, May 27, 2022

NBA Star Dwight Howard Signs $500,000 Legacy Deal with Arrowhead Water

Dwight Howard
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*Dwight Howard, the NBA star, would want to hang up his sneakers at some point, but he wants his legacy to live beyond his retirement or life. The Los Angeles champion who joined the league in 2004 hopes to leave behind a legacy of helping other still-invisible stars to rise and shine, just as he did.

To achieve this dream, he has collaborated with Arrowhead Water. In the signed $500,000 deal, the company will sponsor Howard for years to come and commit $75,000 toward Howard’s “Grand Champions Foundation.”

It’s Howard’s relentless efforts in trying to give back to the community that first caught the attention of Blue Triton, according to K.C. Blinn, the company’s marketing vice president. Blue Triton Brands used to be Nestle Waters North America. Its brands are Arrowhead, Ice Mountain, Poland Spring, Deer Park, among others.

“What was different about Dwight and his team was that they came with a community first and give back direction to it,” Blinn said. “They really wanted to be a part of leaving a legacy here in Los Angeles.”

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A philanthropist on his right, Howard founded “The Grand Champions Foundation” to promote a life of purpose and provide a greater sense of community for those in a state of hopelessness, according to its website.

The partnership has already hit the ground running. Last week, Howard and Arrowhead Water showed the world refurbished basketball courts on different sites. While at it, they offered gifts and food for the children who turned up to witness the events. Howard hopes that the courts shall be a safe space for children of this and future generations and impact them as they grow up.

“Through these basketball courts, we can bring more people together and give them a safe haven—a place to go to just call home and be at peace,” Howard said, according to Forbes. He added that basketball is his sanctuary where he gets the most fun and can be himself fully, smiling and laughing.

“That’s what we want to provide for these kids. I think these courts will do the exact same thing for me that it will do for a million kids in L.A.,” he added.




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