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‘Sistas’ Star Mignon Dishes on Working with Tyler Perry & Interracial Dating | WATCHexclusive

*Tyler Perry’s “Sistas” is killin’ the game as the top-rated BET scripted series.  Season four is back and Mignon who plays the hilaaarious wild child Danni chops it up with radio and TV personality Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers, host of Spotlight.

Mignon is a devout Christian who is much more conservative than the character she plays.

“The way Danni goes about doing things isn’t how I would do them so I ground her over-the-top stuff in very real emotion and motivation so it comes from an authentic place,” she shares with Spotlight.  “I see myself as her advocate because she is really misunderstood. I understand why she’s doing everything that I’m doing (as Danni)  There’s some things Danni does that I wish I could do and there is so much method to Danni’s madness even though she can come across as obnoxious.”

Danni doesn’t like to pay for everything.  Mignon says the girls are supposed to pay for her drinks and food.

“I think that is her fee for all the advice. When they go get their hair done by Karen, they still pay her.  Danni gives honest advice and she rides so hard for them, the least you can do is buy her a couple of drinks,” Mignon laughs.

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Tyler Perry
Tyler Perry and Jazmyn Summers at the NAACP Image Awards

Tyler Perry who created, directs and writes “Sistas” prides himself on being the only writer.  He has received criticism in Hollywood for not having a writers room of writers but Mignon reveals, “He lets us adlib especially comedic characters. It’s definitely his writing but he lets us run wild especially with comedic scenes.”

“Working with him (Tyler)  is a lot of fun but he is definitely about his business. We move really fast because that’s what makes his process so proprietary because he does not take the same amount of time as the rest of the industry to shoot,” she tells Jaz.  “I was filming a love scene and Tyler says can you smile so you look like you’re enjoying it. So I asked do I look tortured and he says at times.  Shooting those love scenes is not ideal for me.  Danni can hop in and out of bed with someone because she knows how to compartmentalize but for me, it’s a multifaceted wheel. Shooting how fast we shoot makes shooting sex scenes, no matter how cool or nice the guy was, tough.  But Tyler was like you don’t look happy and he was like could you  just smile.”

Mignon and Trinity Whiteside of Sistas
Mignon with Trinity Whiteside of Tyler Perry’s Sistas (Facebook)

Danni is in an interracial relationship with the cowboy Preston.

“He (Tyler) wanted to make an obvious fish out of water scenario and Danni was the funniest person to put in that situation.  It’s fun but there are some things that I don’t always agree with how things have transpired between them.  Preston gets away with a lot because he is sweet and naive.  And for Danni sometimes being naive is ignorant and today being ignorant is a choice and that gets to Danni. Me and Preston are going through growing pains in season four.”

They break up over racism and she catches him dating another black woman.  Watch out for the fireworks.

As for Mignon, she is single and not dating now. While her co-star Trinity Whiteside who plays Preston is maaad hot, there are no sparks there even though she has dipped her toe in dating other races.

“I have dated interracially but for me right now I’ve really been working on loving myself. Here’s an area of my life not as strong as it should be, could be, want it to be so I’ve been working on my relationship with myself because I  know when I love myself better I can love my neighbor better.”

Now brothers if you want to slide in her DMS, she says, “I might not see it but go for it;  sometimes I do check it.” She warns, she’s not out there like that:

“I’m not the one to date for clout.  I post on Instagram like Beyonce … you don’t know when it’s coming. So good luck chasing clout dating me.”

Mignon Von of 'Sistas' (Facebook)
Mignon of ‘Sistas’ (Facebook)

Mignon’s character Danni struggles with low self-esteem something that Mignon is fighting.

“Most people do not radically love and accept themselves unconditionally. We have a lot of compassion for one another but we have none for ourselves.  Danni is definitely afraid of connecting with someone,” she shares.  “I do all the things to battle (low self-esteem).  I do neurocycle with Dr. Carolyn Leaf.  She’s a neuroscientist and Christian and she’s been working in this field longer than I’ve been alive. Basically, she talks about how you need to find the roots of toxic thought and understand the perspectives and the behaviors and emotions that grow out of the perspectives.  I do therapy.  Also diet. What you eat will definitely affect your body’s chemistry.  I watch things that make me laugh.”

“For me, it (the low self-esteem) came from childhood trauma, ” she discloses.  “There’s so many things. I grew up in a home where it was a hypercritical environment  My parents had gone through so much so they had their own trauma responses. My ego would rationalize unfair experiences as there’s something wrong with me.”

Her other passion is criminal injustice and she advocated for Julius Jones, an innocent Black man who was on death row in Oklahoma.  Alter a massive outcry and mobilization effort,  the execution was commuted by the governor.

“I just have a heart for justice because I’ve experienced injustice on a smaller scale.   I was so moved by his case.  But it was kind of a hollow victory. Because alright you didn’t kill him but he’s still in bondage but his life has been spared and now we got to figure out how to get his freedom back.”

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Jazmyn Summers
Jazmyn Summers

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