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Zoe Saldaña Shows Love to ‘Crossroads’ Co-Star Britney Spears | VIDEOs

Zoe Saldana - Britney Spears (Getty)
Zoe Saldana – Britney Spears (Getty)

*It’s a road trip Zoe Saldaña will never forget.

Although it’s been nearly two decades since Crossroads hit the big screen, the actress still has fond memories working with Britney SpearsTaryn Manning and the entire cast. And as the movie prepares to celebrate its 20th anniversary on Feb. 15, Zoe is looking back on the unique experience.

“I was just so excited to be doing a movie like that about three friends,” Zoe exclusively shared with E! News. “I’m one of three sisters and we are best friends. Anything to do with female bonding, sisterhood…I’m consumed by emotion immediately. I get it. It’s easy for me. I yearn for it. I’m always looking for it.”

Zoe said it was a thrill to work with writer Shonda Rhimes on the project and that filming alongside Britney was a treat.

“I was working with Britney Spears when Britney was the biggest thing at that time,” she said. “And she was always just a sweet and kind person. She still is. I just have a feeling that she still is. I’m proud of her for stepping up for herself. It’s amazing.”

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Crossroads told the story of three childhood best friends who decided to take a road trip across the country with a guy they had just met. Along the way, the group found themselves while building an even greater friendship.

At the time of the movie’s release, Britney had just released massive hits including “I’m a Slave 4 U” and “Overprotected.” Although the singer was at the top of her music game, her co-star was simply interested in learning more about the performer.

“I was always encouraged by my mom that if you were curious about another woman, just ask advice and reach out,” Zoe shared. “You don’t have to create a competitive environment. There is enough…She’s so natural and also so down-to-earth, so approachable. I remember all those things.”

In between reminiscing about her acting career, Zoe also took time to celebrate a new year and her partnership with Corona Premier.

Starting this month, the actress will team up with Corona Premier to show fans how impactful small steps can be through the “Keepin’ it Cool with Zoe Saldana” content series. In this four-part series, fans can follow Zoe as she achieves more by doing less and instructs fans on how to “keep it cool after your cool down” with a Corona Premier.

“We tend to go really hard in January on all of our resolutions,” she explained. “We tend to burn ourselves out by Jan. 31. Proposing a much lighter way to achieve your resolutions and starting a new year just felt right and also felt fun for us.”

While a Crossroads reunion isn’t currently planned for the year ahead, Zoe said she would be more than open to catching up with her road trip partners in the future.

“There’s been nothing but love between all three of us,” she said. “It would be beautiful to sit down and you know, just break bread with all those awesome women and reconnect because it was a good experience.”

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