Friday, August 19, 2022

Rihanna Fans Outraged Over ‘Disrespectful’ MLK Banner on Twitter

Rihanna’s MLK Banner

*Rihanna caught some major heat from fans on MLK Day for using a photoshopped image of Martin Luther King as her Twitter header. 

The altered image shows the beloved civil rights icon sporting gold grills and diamond earrings. Rihanna has been using the banner since last February and refuses to change it. The photo sparked renewed outage on Monday, MLK Day. 

As reported by Meaww, one user tweeted, “Dear: @rihanna This is disrespectful. Take it down. As a non African American you have no idea what this man meant to us. He gave his life for ours. #mlk #MartinLutherKingJr”

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Another commented, “Hey @rihanna could you change your banner doesn’t show MLK in good taste.” Per the report, a third user added, “Is #Rihanna trying to get canceled today.” 

Another fan noted, “#SymbolismMatters This is how @rihanna honors MLK to 104.1 million followers? Screams No Respect & IGNORANCE! So disappointed!”

Meanwhile, some fans didn’t agree with the backlash calling it “fake outrage.”

One user tweeted, “Folk been making club flyers for the last two decades on MLK day and now y’all wanna get mad at Rihanna for posting that…fake outrage is real. Plus that picture is mad old,” while another said, “I don’t know why people mad at @rihanna for just because she have a picture of #MLK with a grill on his teeth. But I don’t see them going after other people that’s posting up MLK with a du-rag. Smh keep doing you RiRi.”

Do you think RiRi’s photoshop image of MLK is disrespectful? Sound off in the comments.

Ny MaGee
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