Thursday, October 6, 2022

Daughter of Late Rap Icon Jam Master Jay Embattled in Family Feud, Fraud Case

Tyra Myricks & Tyra Myricks, the daughters of Biggie Smalls and Jam Master Jay / via Twitter

*Family members of late hip-hop icon DJ Jam Master Jay are taking aim at his daughter Tyra Myricks for allegedly being a hot mess who is tarnishing her father’s legacy with her wild antics. 

As reported by the New York Daily News, Myricks, 29, has “boasted in interviews of her executive position with hip-hop icon Drake’s clothing line, earned a reported seven-figure income as a rising young entrepreneur, and opened a Los Angeles pizzeria last year with the daughter of Brooklyn rap icon Notorious B.I.G.,” the outlet writes. 

In reality, Drake’s camp claims she has never worked for the artist.

Myricks served jail time in Maryland for an identity theft case involving two victims and two landlords in LA accused her of stiffing them on the rent. A publicist also claims Myricks failed to pay her for promoting the “Juicy Pizza” joint. She is scheduled to appear in court date next month for failure to pay restitution of $65,870 to victims of the Maryland scam, per the report. 

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Meanwhile, Jay’s family remains divided on whether Myricks paternity claim is legit. 

“She’s living off Jay’s name for profit,” said Jam Master Jay’s cousin Doc Thompson.

“Take his name out of your mouth, it’s disgusting. She never produced any DNA, we’re asking for months now. No birth certificate.”

Jam Master Jay, whose real name is Jason Mizell, is not named on Myrick’s birth certificate, but she “insists that a DNA test seen by her mother and Jay’s mother ― both now dead ― confirmed her claim,” the Post writes. 

Myricks claims the DNA document was “probably in a basement with the rest of my stuff” at her old residence in Delaware.

“I’m not interested in dealing with the other side of the family,” she told The News. “The older I get, the more I realize why my mother shielded me from them. It doesn’t faze me. I know the truth. Jealousy is what it is.”

“From my side, everyone knows Tyra is a relative,” said T’yanna Wallace, her pizza business partner. “She has done a DNA test, definitely.”

Myricks said she remains friendly with Jay’s three sons, but his cousin Stephon “Phonz” Watford is not convinced that her blood ties to Jam Master Jay are legit.

“She is a professional manipulator who must be stopped,” said Watford. “This isn’t about just our family. This is about the millions of fans who loved Run-DMC and Jam Master Jay.”

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