Thursday, October 6, 2022

LaVar Ball’s Gaping Maw Denigrates MJ the GOAT

LaVar Ball - Michael Jordan (Getty)
LaVar Ball – Michael Jordan (Getty)

*Up until recently, LaVar Ball has been REALLY quiet. As a matter of fact, he had been SO quiet that there was speculation as to whether Michael Jordan had a sit down with him regarding his big-ass mouth.

However, as with most speculation, there’s no way any of us laypeople can tell you, with any amount of certainty, that Michael Jordan ever said a mumbled-mouthed word to or about LaVar Ball.

Lonzo Ball, though not the second coming of Magic Johnson that he was purported to be, is having a very good season with the Chicago Bulls, averaging 12 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in his fourth season in the NBA.

But we’ve always known that LaMelo Ball was the one who was going to be special. His size, ball-handling, shooting and, when inspired to do so, on-ball defense is something to behold.

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LaMelo is currently the man on the Charlotte Hornets, owned by consensus NBA GOAT Michael Jeffrey Jordan, who is also the GM.

When asked if he thought LaMelo was receiving advice from MJ, the elder Ball bristled at the suggestion.

Talking with HoopsView, Ball said that Jordan hasn’t won a championship in a long time and his words were useless for Melo.

“How often does he seek out advice from Michael Jordan? Never!” Lavar said. “What advice is he gonna give him?… “When was the last time he won a championship? The game has changed. What’s he gonna tell him?”

Now y’all can fix your face, even when it comes to His Airness. Know why? Because you just can’t take anything that LaVar Ball says at face value.

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