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Rapper Dreamdoll on Dating Women, Her Butt Surgery Struggle, New Music – EUR exclusive! | WATCH

*Hip hop artist Dreamdoll sat down with Radio & TV personality Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers and EURweb Spotlight to chop it up about everything from her career blowing up to dating women.

Her new bop, “Try Outs,”  has created a lot of buzz about her sexuality.  She tells Jaz she doesn’t understand why.

“I’ve always been bisexual but I feel like people just weren’t catching it.  I even rapped on “Ah Ah Ah”:  ‘Came with my n*ggas and left with a baddie (uh) The way that she eat it, I might call her zaddy, yeah’.”

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Cardi B
MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – DECEMBER 04: Cardi B seen attending Maxim Issue Release Party at Hyde Beach at SLS South Beach on December 04, 2021 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Jose Devillegas/Getty Images)

In “Try Outs,” the sexy rapper shouts out wanting to get with some of the top women in hip hip from Cardi B to City Girls and Saweetie,  rapping “Girl, these n*ggas ain’t sh*t, I might just try out p*ssy, try try out p*ssy.”

“My DMs are super poppin’ after “Tryouts”, she reveals. “I would have to say the way men flirt is not attractive to me. But women are more passionate.  I believe that being with a woman, they’re going to give you what they want. They want more. They are wanting to get to know you. They want what they don’t get from you and I want what I don’t get from men.  They know what I like.  I even found out I have a Dreamdoll fan page (by women) saying like Dreamdoll is a queen I would do this and this to her. It’s just so passionate.”

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Rapper Dreamdoll from her Facebook Page
Rapper Dreamdoll from her Facebook page

And as for dating. “I’m not dating right now. My baby is my career. I think I’m going to date women from now on,” she laughs.

The former “Bad Girls Club” reality star has a new music project dropping this year and has already been cosigned by major rappers including being on Rick Ross’ single “Wiggle, Wiggle.”

“Since the Rick Ross song came out, I kinda want to take advantage of these opportunities and these artists that are hittin’ me up and put them on my new project.  Now more people wanna work with me and it’s opening doors for more features. Ideally, I’d wanna work with Drake.  That song would go crazy. Him with his melodic shit – you feel me – with me rapping on it and definitely Cardi. I wanna be on more people’s projects so I can show their listeners Dreamdoll and how I’m coming.”

Dream is also slated to be in two new movies and has a song on the soundtrack of Halle Berry’s Netflix film “Bruised” and the hit TNT show “Claws.”

Dream Doll

“I’m a big fan of the show.  Warner hit me up and asked me if I wanted to take the opportunity.  I was like f*ck yeah so they were like could you submit a song.  I was like Imma do a song from scratch. So I’m in the studio thinking like what would make you feel sexy what would a bad bitch wanna feel like when she walked into the club.  That song is my alter ego for a bad bitch.”

‘Claws’ cast

Having a certain look is important to her career and unlike many other rappers, Dreamdoll is open about her plastic surgery most recently having to have her butt shots taken out.

” I had butt shots and removed them. It took me four surgeries to get my butt shots removed. It’s a process.  I started off when I was younger  I was bartending I had got the illegal butt shots and they’re addicting. You wanna get bigger, bigger, bigger so I kept going bigger bigger bigger. Then I did a BBL (a Brazilian butt lift), so I did a fat transfer which wasn’t smart because I now put the fat on top of the stuff.  Then I was dealing with the pain. Researching a doctor to remove that is very important.  You have to find the right doctor so I found the right doctor after hundreds of consultations. My main thing is I’m still an artist and my body is my brand so I can’t have whole lotta scars on my body so I had to find the safest way to remove them without them cutting up my body  I found my doctor Carlos Gomez in Columbia.  It’s an expensive process but it’s worth it. After I got the four removals.  I had replaced the stuff I removed with my actual fat.  I had to gain 40 pounds and people thought I was pregnant.  I was over here trying to gain weight so I could replace it with my own fat but now I’m good.”


She warns other women, “Do not sit there and let them chop up your butt to remove it. They’re still not going to be able to get it 100 %. ”

It was a tough journey she tells Jaz.

“It was a lot of pain, Dreamdoll recalls. “Don’t do it. No one helped me when I was going through pain, no one helped me when I was seeing discoloring or it was hard. I was going through pain for years and even though people would talk shit about my body,  that shit was hurting me.  I didn’t have anybody to ask.  That’s why I’m open to women and I want to give help to women who are dealing with this problem.  They may not speak about it but trust me, I speak to millions of women about plastic surgery and I know what the f*ck it feels like to have that poison in your body so I wanna be that person that can help people because that sh*t kills people so if If can help people, take people out of their misery I wanna do that.”

Rapper Dreamdoll from her facebook page
Rapper Dreamdoll from her Facebook page

Dream says her plastic surgery journey started with breast implants.

“I did my boobs when I was 21, ” she discloses.  She was dating a dude back then who cheated on her with a thick girl prompting her to want plastic surgery. “He used to make me feel insecure,” she shares with Spotlight. “And I said I’ll never let a man let me feel insecure. So as soon as I got the boobs, I left his ass.”

For the full conversation check out the video at the top.

Jazmyn Summers
Jazmyn Summers

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