Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Mean Mofo! Grizzlies’ Ja Morant Stares Down Young Fan Wanting High 5 | WATCH

*Message to tha youngstas and anybody else out there. It’s this simple. The Memphis Grizzlies and their young superstar Ja Morant are both on serious hot streaks and that ain’t playin’ around.

Therefore, if you want a high from five them and Morant in particular, you gotta come correct which means you gotta be sportin’ the right gear.

We know this because Tuesday night at FedExForum, during the Grizzlies game against the Golden State Warriors, Morant denied a kid in the crowd a high-five because he was wearing a Warriors jersey (watch via the player above).

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Ja Morant (Getty)
Ja Morant (Getty)

As he headed into the stands to celebrate an and-1 layup that punctuated his 29-point night, a young fan in a Warriors’ Steph Curry jersey reached out for Morant, who did not reciprocate and just stared at the kid’s hand before heading back to the court.

After the game, Morant explained why he did not high-five the young fan. He said he shows no mercy for the opposing fans, even if they are just a kid.

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“He was disrespectful with that jersey on. We in Memphis,” Morant said while half-laughing. “He looked like he wanted to cheer, but he had that jersey on. I apologize to him. But in that moment, bro, take the jersey off and then dap me up.”

Morant did add that he would rather see the kid in a Memphis jersey and if anyone can find the fan’s information he will send him one himself. The next game the fan attends he could get the high-five he’s been waiting for, just as long as he is in the right colors.

The Grizzlies’ star also tweeted about what happened, explaining that he was too focused on the game to acknowledge the child.

He wrote, “sorry im just too [locked] in .. on another level,” adding, “need them in a [M]emphis jersey too lol. need their info.”




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