Monday, August 8, 2022

The Worst A Man Can Do is be A Rat, Says Fat Joe | WATCH

*The history of humankind is marred by instances of brutality such as slavery, mass killing or genocide, bloody wars and racial discrimination. Many of these are now identified as crimes against humanity.

However, in the world of Fat Joe, none of these inhumane acts is as outrageous as being a rat. For starters, being a rat (or snitching) is when one cooperates with the police to help them arrest another criminal. The 51-year-old Hip Hop artist was speaking on the “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” radio show.

“God bless me, and God bless all of us, but to me, the worst thing you can do in the history of mankind is be a rat. The worst,” Fat Joe announced. And if you thought he stands for nothing, he had a rejoinder. “I just pray to God all the time, thank you man, that I never had to compromise my morals.”

The Bronx native pressed on, “To me, that’s the ugliest thing for your kids to be walking around Earth, and people are like, ‘Yo, his father is a rat. He put down some good people.’ You have to understand when you tell, you destroy families.”

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Fat Joe
Fat Joe

In the last few days, Indiana rapper Freddie Gibbs and Georgia rapper Gunna have had a heated discussion on snitching. The snitching topic trended on the Hip Hop circles for some days, so it is not out of the blues that it came up during the radio show.

Already, Lil Xan has been accused of being a rat to bring down his former manager. But the most significant snitching incident in the world of rappers was when Tekashi 6ix9ine, in for his 2019 federal RICO conviction, turned on the Nine Trey Gangsters so as to get a lighter sentence.




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