Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jason Derulo Loses it in ‘Vegas – Attacks Men Who Called Him Usher | WATCH

*We don’t know if singer/dancer Jason Derulo has a problem with R&B superstar Usher or not. But what we do know is that he has a problem with being called Usher. For proof, watch the video above.

As you can see, he attacked 2 guys at a Las Vegas hotel all because they called him Usher. TMZ is reporting that cops were called to the ARIA hotel during the early hours of Tuesday morning after Derulo threw fists with the men.

Eyewitnesses say Derulo and one of the men were passing each other on an escalator when the guy seemed to troll Derulo by yelling, “Hey, Usher! F**k you, b*tch!!!” That’s when Derulo got pissed and punched him right in the face, sending dude to the floor.

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Wait! There’s more … Derulo allegedly also slapped the second guy moments later, and security had to step in to break up the scrum.

You can see part of the fight in the video … even though Jason was walking with a large fella, maybe his bodyguard … he still charged directly at the guys after the Usher line.

Jason Derulo fighting (screenshot-TMZ)
Jason Derulo fighting (screenshot-TMZ)

Here’s MORE via TMZ:
At the time, the 2 victims did not want to press charges, but there’s always the possibility of a lawsuit. Either way, they have up to one year to change their minds and move forward with charges. Jason did get a trespassing notice from ARIA, and was removed from the property.

We’re told the injuries didn’t require any hospital visits, even though the 2 guys appeared to spill some blood from facial wounds. We’ve reached out to a rep for Jason … so far, no word back.




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