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Straight Out Of America: Young Business Man, College Student, Athlete and 5th Generation Entrepreneur with a Vision

Isaiah Zea Blackmon in game (number 83)
Isaiah Zea Blackmon in game (number 83)

*Following in the footsteps of an extensive family history and tradition, 20-year-old Isaiah LaMar Blackmon (a/k/a Zea Blackmon), has a long legacy of land and business owners to pull first-hand, knowledge and inspiration from.

It began with his great-great-grandfather/mother who were land owners and farmers in Woodville, Texas from 1907-1954. It continued with his Vallejo, California business owners/great-grandparents; his grandmother, SF Bay Area legendary broadcaster and radio engineer & filmmaker, Diane Blackmon Bailey, and his businessman/dad: LaMar Blackmon, who heads up BE Media Group and is co-founder of the Black University Radio Network.

Zea Blackmon, number #83, is also apart of another legacy and tradition … Laney College in Oakland California, where his grandmother also attended in the 1970s.

Other notable Laney College alumni, include former NFL defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers and Laney’s current football coach, John Beam. Another Laney alumni is Denver Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 superstar C.J. Anderson who also played with the Carolina Panthers, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams and the Detroit Lions. After retiring from the NFL, Anderson become head coach at Monte Vista High School  in Vallejo. Anderson is also a graduate of Bethel High School in Vallejo.

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Isaiah Zea Blackmon (helmet on)
Isaiah Zea Blackmon

As a part of the Special Teams, this football player and current 3.5 GPA student is carrying a full load at Laney College, home of the amazing Eagles Football team under the guidance of Athletic Director and Head Football Coach, John Beam.

“It’s an honor and privilege to attend and play football here at legendary  Laney College, home of my mentors, CJ Anderson and Coach Beam,” says Blackmon. “The Eagles are the truth, I could not have ask for a more driven and dedicated team of players to represent. I am humbled.”

Isaiah Blackmon has been involved in sports,  playing baseball and football, most of his life from his birthplace in Los Angeles to Oakland, home to the motivated and focused Laney College Eagles Football team.

Isaiah ZEA Blackmon, Laney College student, athlete, and now young entrepreneur is the co-designer of an exclusive line of active-wear for the young, gifted and athletic.

By the way, Laney’s Homecoming Game vs San Francisco City College is set for Friday October 29, 2021

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