Friday, September 30, 2022

T-Pain Posts Shocking Streaming Payout For Spotify, Apple Music and Napster

*Rapper T-Pain hit up social media to share a list of music streaming platforms that are not profitable for many artists.

T-Pain took to Twitter on Tuesday (Dec. 28) with a list of how many streams it takes for an artist to make $1 on platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify. 

Per XXL Magazine, Napster’s payout of $1 begins after 53 streams, while YouTube’s payout for a buck starts after 1,250 streams. Meanwhile, Amazon Music and Spotify give artists a dollar after 249 and 315 streams, respectively.

Check out the list below.

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Several users reacted to T-Pain’s post, with one person asking: “So why don’t musicians vote with their feet: remove all their music from all streaming platforms apart from Napster? Genuine question here: why do musicians moan about Spotify yet support them with their music? Just step away.”

“This model is only archaic for artists who suck at making music,” tweeted another person. “Not to mention all the money from endorsements, brand deals, the actual label deal/contract, etc. Artists are making tons of money as it is.”

A third shared this old tweet from rapper Ice-T (see below):

T-Pain explained in a follow-up tweet his reasoning for sharing the payout for major streaming services.

“I see a whole lot of ‘well I guess I’ll use the best one’ and not ‘we gotta make our own’ keep in mind, most artists don’t even get the whole $1,” T-Pain wrote. “I’m just letting the up and coming know what the real is. I worked for mine and there are tons of way around this if you move right.”

And there you have it!

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