Monday, July 4, 2022

Harvard School Retracts Paper Attacking #ADOS and its leadership – Where are the NAACP, Urban League and CBC?

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*Last week Harvard Kennedy School released a scathing retraction of a paper their Shorenstein Center on Media had released in January of 2021 attacking the #ADOS or American Descendants of Slavery movement along with its leaders Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore. According to “… retractions appeared to be relatively rare, involving only about two of every 10,000 papers”.

EURweb was among the first outlets to cover the ADOS organization’s demand for apology in June. Along with a video where Antonio Moore goes through the flaws of the paper with Ice Cube in a video discussion. The paper falsely accuses the organization of silence on Covid-19 and telling people not to vote. When the movement’s official position was down ballot democrat until the top of the ticket looks closely at a Black Agenda and reparations. And the movement spoke clearly about the dangers of coronavirus.

While you should read the whole retraction here. Posted below are a few key sections.

“…the journal commissioned an internal review, conducted by a Harvard researcher not directly affiliated with the journal. The internal review found flaws in the methodology, as well as discrepancies between the data and the findings reported by the authors, resulting in unsubstantiated conclusions drawn from their analyses. We then commissioned an external independent review to verify the findings of the initial investigation… The external review found that Nkonde et al.’s study failed to meet professional standards of validity and reliability. The review stated that “the conclusions drawn by the authors are supported primarily by their interpretation of a few selected tweets by ADOS leadership,” and that “the quantitative analysis is insufficiently connected to the conclusions” of the paper… The retraction decision was not taken lightly but is one that we feel was necessary, as certain of the principal conclusions reported in this paper cannot be considered reliable or valid. It is important to acknowledge that this outcome also represents a failure of the journal’s editorial process. We, thus, intend to scrutinize our own practices, procedures, and policies to prevent similar occurrences in the future.”


In a response given to Retraction Watch Carnell stated,

In response to our legitimate efforts to clear our name, the writers of Disinformation Creep blocked us on social media & ignored our calls & emails. Not only did this journal article damage the personal reputations of myself & Antonio Moore, but it damaged the reputation of a movement that was, up until this article was published, getting mainstream press & attention.

Moore also added in a tweet and video, “This retraction does not fix the reputation damage done. It simply acknowledges the gravity of the harm.” 

Now questions have to be answered as we look into the authors and reason the paper was published in the first place. Why does have 5 authors on this paper? Who in Black media or academia shared this paper to delegitimize ADOS because it was published by Harvard? Why was this paper allowed to be published in the first place if the retraction finds the flaws to be so glaring?

We also need to ask where do our legacy organizations stand on this issue NAACP, Urban League and the Congressional Black Caucus?

We hope to get these among many other answers as we enter 2022.




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