Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tiffany Haddish on Common Breakup: ‘I Miss Him’ | WATCH

tiffany haddish and common
Common and Tiffany Haddish

For anyone in a relationship, breaking up is hard to do. Tiffany Haddish is no different as she opens up about the split with her now ex-boyfriend Common.

During an appearance on an episode of “Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored with Jason Lee,” Haddish admitted that although she misses the rapper, she is “fine with it.”

“I miss him,” Haddish confessed. “I miss him from time to time but that’s with, I think, any intimate relationship that you might have, you miss them. But I’m fine with it. It’s cool.”

Haddish’s comments come after gave his take on the “Hollywood Unlocked” podcast earlier this month. According to the rhymesayer, it was a case of he and Haddish having different and busy schedules that caused the end of their relationship.

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Haddish, on the other hand, wasn’t on board with Common’s reasoning as she alluded to something different that was behind their split. The 42-year-old entertainer was candid in her assessment of Common’s comments on the split, saying she felt “very disappointed” in the “Glory” rapper because “that’s not what you told me.”

Despite the circumstances, Haddish took the break up in stride as she figured it was more or less due to Common being who he is.

“He might be the type of person that never really settles with somebody, maybe he’s like, you know, like a bee going from flower to flower to flower,” Haddish told “Hollywood Unlocked” host Jason Lee, as she referenced Common’s past high profile relationships. “I don’t know. I wish him nothing but joy and happiness, you know.”

Haddish and Common’s breakup comes after the pair was dating for one year after meeting and hitting it off on the set of the 2019 film “The Kitchen.” According to an insider, the split centered on their busy schedules, with the source saying, “They are never in the same city together and both of them are just too busy for a serious relationship.”




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