Friday, September 30, 2022

Move Over Google – Tik Tok is Now the Number One Website in the World! – VIDEO


*It looks like Tik Tok is no joke.  Let’s rephrase that. Tik Tok is no joke. The video social media app just proved it’s here to stay by beating out Google as the No. 1 most popular site this year.

TikTok was founded in 2016 and has been climbing the social media ladder ever since. Mostly popular to the young crowd, millennials and Gen Z’s have pushed the app for so long. Now parents, teachers and even corporate America are all guilty of using the addicting app to pass some time in their long days.

You could say TikTok has the pandemic to thank for its popularity. Millions, if not billions of people have turned to TikTok to keep themselves entertained for hours! It even beat well-known domains like Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube.

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According to Cloudflare, Google and TikTok flipped back and forth in October and November to try and secure the top spot. TikTok took home the top spot overall. It beat Google which is home to Maps, Photos, Books, and News.

Here are the top ten sites: TikTok, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

TikTok’s surge in popularity has not gone unnoticed among advertisers: On the same day Cloudflare released its list of rankings, the New York Times reported that retailers now see the platform as a “holy grail of marketing,” as they seek to reach coveted influencers and Gen Z eyeballs amid cable television’s continued decline in popularity.

According to the Times, investing in ad space on TikTok seems to have been a safe bet, with the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtag now having been viewed more than 7 billion times on the app.

“The growth that we’ve seen is insane,” Krishna Subramanian, a founder of the influencer marketing firm Captiv8, told the Times.




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