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DJ Akademiks Podcast: Hit-Boy Reflects on Kanye Being Upset with Him for Working with Beyoncé

Hit-Boy (Spotify)

*In the latest episode Off the Record with DJ Akademiks, Hit-Boy joined a live conversation on the Spotify Greenroom app. He’s a multi-Grammy-winning producer that has worked with the likes of Kanye West, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Sean, and others.

In the last few years, his notoriety has increased exponentially, and he’s now recognized as more than just a producer, he’s seen as an artist as well. Akademiks asks him about his come up and what song that he produced did the most to change his life.

We talk about him producing SICKO MODE (Travis Scott), and N*ggas in Paris (JAY-Z and Ye). We also talk about Kanye West feeling a type of way that he produced for Beyoncé and where the status of their relationship is now. Also, Hit-Boy reacts to Kanye West’s comments about Big Sean on Drink Champs.

We figure out what Hit-Boy’s favorite produced songs are and ask him about working with Nipsey Hussle and Roddy Ricch for the Grammy-winning song ‘Racks in the Middle’. Plus, we talk about him working with Nas on ‘King Disease’ and its sequel, which are both Grammy-nominated. Lastly, we talk about what his future plans are in cementing himself as an artist and ask about who he would rather do a complete project with – Drake or Kendrick Lamar.

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Some highlights from the conversation include:

  • 2:30– Hit-Boy on how his production has evolved over the years; creating a sound and giving artists a bed of music to create something special.
  • 5:25– Being versatile as a producer; Hit-Boy reflects on growing up listening to west and east coast rap and how later on in life, Blueprint shaped his style and gave him a new lane for music production.
  • 8:40– Hit-Boy unpacks which song shifted culture more – SICKO MODE or N*ggas in Paris, and how the beats came to fruition with Ye and JAY-Z. Added Ye, “This is about to change your life.” Jimmy Iovine called Hit-Boy “the next Dr. Dre.”
  • 17:30– Hit-Boy on Ye being upset when he found out that he was working with Beyoncé.  “You working with her? I’m not f***** with you type of of s***.”
  • 20:00– Hit-Boy on the Drink Champs Ye and Big Sean situation – adds Hit-Boy – “I don’t want you in my energy right now” (i.e. Ye).
  • 23:40– Big Sean being blindsided on Drink Champs; working with artists on a human level and musically (i.e. Big Sean and Nas).
  • 26:00– Working with Nipsey Hussle – “Racks in the Middle”.
  • 32:30 – Top 3 beats/personal favorites- Store Run ‘King’s Disease II’, track from Cruel Summer & more.
  • 35:00– How Hit-Boy linked up with Nas on King’s Disease.
  • 45:30– Balance of being an artist and being a super producer with the likes of Swizz Beatz and Timbaland.

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