Thursday, June 30, 2022

Kevin Samuels Claims Black Women’s Enemy is Hispanic Women [WATCH]

Kevin Samuels

*Lifestyle coach Kevin Samuels seems to never miss a beat when it comes to taking aim at Black women. In his latest rant, Samuels claims Black women’s biggest enemy is “Hispanic” women

“Your biggest enemy is the Hispanic women. She understands how to season food. She understands sensuality, feminity and she was raised in a patriarchal environment,” Samuels says. “The difference between feminity and fake feminity is amazing. Black women you have a problem– the Latina problem.”

Watch him tell it via the Instagram clip below. 

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MadameNoire writes, “Clearly, he didn’t get the memo that Hispanic women are—in fact—white women and Afro-Latina women are indeed Black.”

Some of the comments under the video above read:

“Kevin Samuels is black women’s biggest enemy,” one IG user wrote.

Another said, “Here he go trying to be an agent of chaos like he usually does. Leave black women alone.”

A third commented “No our biggest enemy is black men. They look down on us. If they do get to a certain level in life. They leave us for other race. Cater to them with no issue. When it comes to us. It’s a 50/50. You’re a strong black woman. We need to get through it together.”

Another commenter wrote, “Black women entrepreneurs are the only women who made Forbes list! Ouch!”

“That’s crazy how much he hates black women, sh*t weird,” wrote another Instagram user.

Another noted, “Kevin wake up everyday like “hmmm how can I offend black women today”.”

Do you agree with Samuels or his critics? Sound off in the comments.

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