Monday, September 26, 2022

STEVE on Watch // Facebook Brought This Couple Back Together After 40 Years! | VIDEO

Duane and Rosie Phillips (Facebook Watch screenshot)
Duane and Rosie Phillips (Facebook Watch screenshot)

*A brand-new episode of STEVE on Watch is AVAILABLE NOW on Facebook Watch!

In today’s new episode, couple Rosie and Duane Phillips share their beautiful love story of rekindling their love through Facebook. Steve Harvey highlights the lessons from their relationship and shares how his own wife, Marjorie, got him to agree on setting a wedding date.

  • Episode Title: Facebook Brought This Couple Back Together After 40 Years!
  • Description: Four decades after losing touch as teenagers, Rosie and Duane Phillips reconnected through the magic of Facebook. Now, they’re married and their chemistry is undeniable! Steve Harvey highlights the lessons in the couple’s beautiful love story!

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Episode highlights include:

  • Rosie Phillips describes being reconnected with her now husband, Duane Phillips.

○      “What was your life like before Duane?” – Steve Harvey

○      “Well, I describe my life as happily divorced…and then one day, this is not too long ago, I just kind of threw up my hands with a prayer. I was like ‘Okay Lord, I’m ready for the companion. Whoever you have in my life, I’m ready for it.’ And about three months later, this one right here came knocking at the door.” – Rosie Phillips

○      “How did this all come about? So, your dad ran up into Duane’s brother?” – Steve Harvey

○      “Duane’s big brother. Yeah.” – Rosie Phillips

○      “Oh, this is the brother that used to date your sister.” – Steve Harvey

○      “Yeah, and in the text, he said, ‘Remember me? I used to like your sister.’ And I said, ‘Of course I remember you.’ And I said, ‘Where’s Duane?’ immediately in the text…and he said, ‘In Florida.’”

○      “First of all, I went onto Facebook right away to look up Duane Phillips, and I was like, ‘Oh shoot, Duane done grew up nice.’…and then I hit him in Messenger.” – Rosie Phillips

  • Rosie and Duane Phillips discuss giving love another chance after 40 years and what led to their marriage proposal.

○      “After all these years, how many years was it?” – Steve Harvey

○      “It had to be 40.” – Rosie Phillips

○      “What made you all give love another chance?” – Steve Harvey

○      “When we would interact, she was just the sweetest and it was her nature for her to do the things that I like. And I was like wow, this is great. And I golf a lot. And so, she picked me up a couple golf shirts and a couple of golf pants. She didn’t say I’m going to try to get him away from his golf. She was adding to my golf. And I was like oh man, this is it. This is it.” – Duane Phillips

○      “Once we started hanging out, one thing led to the next. I mean, trust me, I was not planning on getting married or getting engaged or anything. I had no idea. I guess that that was just the answer to my prayer.” – Rosie Phillips

○      “One day she did, Steve. One day, she did pull me to the test. So, I wasn’t committing to a relationship, and she looked at me and she said, ‘I don’t know how long I can go, you know, acting like this either. You know, you’re kind of going to be with me or you’re not.’ And I was like man, I knew I wanted to be with her. And so, we went to Hawaii, and we passed a jewelry store. And we ended up getting some rings, and next thing you know, we were at a Chief Luau. And I got on my knees, and I said, ‘Will you marry me?’ And that was it.” – Duane Phillips

○      “Now let me point a couple things out. She said, ‘I don’t know how much longer I can do this.’ See, she didn’t say, ‘Look, what you gonna do? You’re gonna do this and I’m gonna do this.’ She just issued a soft ultimatum. Ladies, stop going through your life seeing what he’s gonna do, when he’s ready. This is your life. You get to make decisions here. You get to decide how your life goes. It’s not his decision.” – Steve Harvey

○      “Duane went click. ‘Uh oh, she gonna leave? Uh oh, this is a consideration?’ Boom. She got what she wanted. She got a ring.” – Steve Harvey

  • Steve Harvey on setting a wedding date with his wife, Marjorie.

○      “Did you know how Marjorie got her date from me? When I asked her to marry me in Mexico in December. In January, she said, ‘So Steve, when are we going to get married?’ I said, ‘You know, I got divorced. I got to get a couple things together.’ She took her wedding ring off, the engagement ring, and handed it to me and said, ‘I don’t want to wear a ring that I can’t make a date on. When you get it together where I can make a date, then you come back to Memphis and see me.’ I took that ring, put it right back on her hand and said, ‘What date you want?’” – Steve Harvey

○      “Soft ultimatum. That’s all she did. I ain’t stupid. Here put this back on before I mess around and lose the baddest chick that ever came along for me.” – Steve Harvey




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