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Denzel Washington Learns What A ‘Boy Bye’ Playlist is | Watch

*“A Journal for Jordan” is the new Sony Pictures film directed by Denzel Washington and starring Michael B. Jordan and Chanté Adams. It’s based on the true story of First Sgt. Charles Monroe King (Jordan). While deployed to Iraq, King keeps a journal of love and advice for his infant son. Back at home, New York Times Journalist Dana Canedy (Adams) revisits the story of her life-altering, once-in-a-lifetime relationship with King and his enduring devotion to his family.

Charles gifts Dana with a CD filled with songs that symbolize their love in the film. EUR correspondent Jill Munroe talked to Washington and the real-life Dana Canedy, whose relationship and book the movie is based on.

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Director Denzel Washington on the set of Columbia Pictures’ JOURNAL FOR JORDAN.

When asked what one song has to be included on a playlist for a significant other, the first thing Washington did was establish what song wouldn’t be, “Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder. If I hear that song at another wedding…,” shared Washington. Next, Canedy ran through the various types of playlists she has curated, but one title, in particular, got Washington’s attention, her “Boy Bye” playlist.

“A who? What’s that mean?!” Washington asked when Canedy explained that it means “boy go away,” a shocked Denzel repeated “Boy Bye” and asked what goes on that list? He then answered his question when Canedy mentioned Tina Turner.

“Probably “What’s  Love Got to Do With It.” Something like I don’t need you anymore. Ain’t no stopping, ME now!” Denzel had a good time with this topic.

Columbia Pictures’ JOURNAL FOR JORDAN

He added, “Charles and I have this in common; we’re old school. I love the oldies too. In our film, we use music as a device to hint at where we were in time. So the songs were actually in the right places for the years that we’re in at that time in the film. But I am definitely old school, old music.”

The film’s ultimate message is about love and family. Canedy said that writing the book and creating this film taught her that love never dies. It is enduring no matter the circumstance.

“A Journal For Jordan” hits theatres on Christmas Day.




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