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Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo, Spinal Surgeon and Inventor of 360 CoreBoard, Has Your Back | VIDEO

Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo
Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo

*Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo is one of the world’s leading spinal and orthopedic surgeons. His specialty is treating degenerative spinal diseases, spinal deformities, and cervical, lumbar, and thoracic conditions. As head of The Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care, Dr. Okubadejo has offices in Englewood and Jersey City, New Jersey, and New York City.

Dr. Okubadejo, through his Institute, specializes in treating patients with herniated discs,  sciatica, neck and back pain.  He performs spinal fusion surgery, robotic spine surgery, laser spine surgery, and addresses issues to help patients manage pain. While Dr. Okubadejo, who is often called Dr. Bo, is a master spinal and orthopedic surgeon, he believes in the power of preventive measures that can often prevent surgery. A huge part of his preventive philosophies and strategies are rooted in core strengthening exercises.

“I’ve always gravitated towards core fitness,” said Dr. Okubadejo, a native of Brooklyn, New York, but whose parents are from Nigeria in West Africa. “In my career as a spine surgeon, the best way to protect the spine is by having a strong core because a strong core translates into your spine being protected.”

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After seeing many patients day-after-day with spinal and orthopedic problems, Dr. Okubadejo, an avid exerciser, was personally doing various exercises and routines to strengthen his own core, including leg raises, crunches, sit-ups, and using ab roller devices. According to the doctor, the ab roller’s motion is linear and didn’t give a lot of rotation or dynamics to his exercise routines. In his quest to add dynamism to core exercise routines, Dr. Bo began thinking outside the box, which took him to Home Depot to look for items to assemble a prototype exercise apparatus that would strengthen the core through exercising for him and others.

In collaboration with an engineer, and after several iterations of creating an ab-roller type apparatus to help strengthen an individual’s core, Dr. Okubadejo approved and patented the  360 CoreBoard for exercisers.

“360 CoreBoard is a modular device aimed at core strengthening,” said Dr. Okubadejo. “You can either use it as a recovery device to stretch out and begin getting your core stronger, or a healthy person can use it to have a more challenging core strengthening routine of exercises. Because of 360 Core Board’s freedom of motion, there are different things that you can do to really enhance your core workout.”

Dr. Okubadejo’s professional background is impressive and gives credence to the success of his medical practice of close to two decades and his accomplishments as an inventor.  Dr. Bo holds a bachelor’s degree from Brown University and a medical degree from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He completed his internship and residency at Barnes-Jewish Hospital at the Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Okubadejo has also completed a spinal surgery fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He is the author of numerous papers written in the areas of spinal care and spinal surgery. Through his extensive position as a researcher, he has presented his findings at major spinal conferences around the globe.

360 coreboard
360 coreboard

Dr. Okubadejo rolled out his 360 CoreBoard in 2020, three years after starting 360 Dynamized Core, a company set up to present individuals with creative and innovative spine-safe core fitness products and routines.  Dr. Okubadejo admits that using his 360 CoreBoard is not easy, but those who are committed to a physical challenge will find great benefits to their core strengthening regiment. However, the doctor’s invention can meet people at their various fitness levels.

“My website has all the different routines and exercises for people,” Dr. Okubadejo said. “I break the routines and exercises down into basic, intermediate, and advanced. The beauty of 360 CoreBoard is that a person can customize an exercise routine that works for him or her.”

The doctor adds. “I’m a surgeon, so I fix problems. That’s what I do on a daily basis,” he said. “But I’m also a fitness advocate that likes to focus on prevention. And 360 CoreBoard is something that can help you with core strengthening because it gives you dynamism and makes your workout routine challenging but interesting.”

For more information on using and purchasing Dr. Okubadejo’s 360 CoreBoard and other products aimed at core strengthening routines and exercises, log on to or call 1.877.854.8274. To learn more about Dr. Okubadejo and his Institute for Comprehensive Spine Care services, log on to




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