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‘And Just Like That…’ Co-Stars Kristin Davis & Nicole Ari Parker Discuss Diversity on ‘Tamron Hall’ – WATCH

Nicole Ari Parker - Kristen Davis - Tamron Hall
Nicole Ari Parker – Kristen Davis – Tamron Hall

*On the Thursday, December 9 edition of “Tamron Hall,” actors Kristin Davis and Nicole Ari Parker, co-stars of HBO Max’s  “And Just Like That…,” which premiered today, joined the show to discuss what it was like returning to work on the legendary “Sex and the City” revival and how an emphasis on diversity plays a role in this new iteration. Davis and Parker also spoke about the devastating passing of their castmate Willie Garson.

Kristin Davis on the tragic passing of Willie Garson: 

“I’m still not together about it, obviously. It’s hard because we were working the whole time. And we didn’t know when we started how sick he was, and he didn’t want us to know. So he was just the life of the set as he always has been. And it was, you know, obviously horrible, the whole chain of events and we miss him and the fact that he’s not here it’s very difficult. It’s very hard, but you know, we had to work and we knew that he wanted us to work and I’m so happy that he’s in the first three, at least which I’ve seen, and he’s so funny and to think what he was dealing with while he’s so funny. It’s really a testament to him.”

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Nicole Ari Parker (screenshot)
Nicole Ari Parker (screenshot)

Nicole Ari Parker on joining the iconic cast and what it was like to work alongside Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Davis: 

“So my first day on set, at that lunch table, my first day was one of the famous lunch scenes, and the three of them were so warm and so generous and so beautiful. Like just straight up gorgeous. And it shocked me that in that beginning part of the show coming back that everybody was talking about wrinkles and aging and all this stuff, and I was thinking if you could even be lucky enough to spend five minutes with these three women in real time you would never say anything like that ever in your life. They have built an empire, they have built something that has stood the test of time.”

Parker on bringing more diversity to the “Sex and the City” cast: 

“Well, it felt like, you know, right on time. You know, that if they were going to come do the show and be still in the city that the city, you know, demanded in a way that their lives become more diverse, especially as fully realized women.”

Davis and Parker on their characters’ relationship and what it represents: 

“I just think that she’s a woman you know, and it’s easy to understand why these two women became friends. It’s wonderful,” Parker shared. “And all the new characters are different and you’re going to recognize all of them. They’re part of most of – if you live in New York City, your friend group looks like this.” Davis added, “Really what’s wonderful is that, you know, of course I still have my relationship with Carrie and Miranda, but there’s parts of Charlotte where she needs another mom friend with her, you know, in a different way, because Miranda as we know is kind of like a tough mom and her character, Nicole’s character, Lisa, ‘LTW’ as we call her, is just warm to Charlotte and it’s so beautiful.”

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