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Industry Experts Weigh in About Why Adele is Doing Vegas Residency

*Adele’s WEEKENDS WITH ADELE residency kicks off at the Colosseum of Las Vegas’ famed Caesars Palace Hotel beginning Friday, January 21, 2022.

We reported earlier that the global superstar will perform two shows each weekend through Saturday, April 16, 2022. This announcement comes on the heels of Adele recently releasing her fourth studio album 30 on Columbia Records.

As reported by The Guardian, Adele will play to about 4,000 people a night. The outlet writes, “Tickets are so sought-after that they are likely to all be bought by registered fans – Ticketmaster has advised there may be none on general sale.”

“For years, it was where careers go to die – you’re near the end when you go to Vegas,” says James Hanley, the news editor at live music industry publication IQ. “But that has definitely shifted in the 21st century. Céline Dion was a gamechanging moment when she came in, in 2003. Then there was the rise of the superstar DJ – the likes of Calvin Harris and the Chainsmokers had very lucrative residencies. And then in 2013 Britney Spears kicked off a wave of younger pop artists like Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga.”

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“There’s a great heritage there, going back to the days of the Rat Pack,” Hanley adds, making a residency “a bucket-list thing for a lot of artists”.

For music artists, the primary appeal of residency shows in Las Vegas is, of course, the money. 

“It’s the entertainment capital of the United States, super-easy to fly into, so it’s a great destination [for live music],” says Greg Parmley, the chief executive of music trade body Live.

“There’s a great heritage there, going back to the days of the Rat Pack,” Hanley adds, noting that residency is “a bucket-list thing for a lot of artists”.

“Adele admits she doesn’t like touring – instead, she can be situated in one place for weeks on end, so that solves that issue,” Hanley says. “It wasn’t like she felt out of place in Wembley stadium, but the more natural home of the music is the sort of environment you have in Vegas.”

“If they are at a point in their life, be it due to family or career, where they don’t want to be on the road, Vegas offers an opportunity to have a stable base and still be performing every few nights. It’s not for everybody, but it will certainly suit some artists,” Parmley says.

He adds: “It’s much easier to maintain the quality of the show, as opposed to when you’re touring and you’re loading the production into a new building every night. [A Vegas residency] allows the production to be as good as it possibly can be.”

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