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Shaun King Shares Emotional Post After Daughter Hit By Car, Suffers Brain Injury

Shaun King

*Civil rights activist Shaun King has turned to the public for prayers for his teen daughter who was recently hit by a car while in New York.

In an emotional Instagram post on Dec. 5, King said his daughter Kendi, a 19-year-old NYU student, “had suffered a brain injury” along with “several serious head and body injuries” from the incident.

“I’ve been here in the ICU with her since yesterday morning,” King continued. “We have every reason to believe she will recover and she is receiving excellent medical care. The doctors and nurses and staff have been so kind and so thorough.”

King asked his fans and followers to pray for his daughter and wife who is struggling to cope following the accident. Check out his full IG post below.

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“Please pray for Kendi. ⁣That she heals 100%.⁣ That she has no setbacks.⁣ I’m watching her like a hawk.⁣ Please say a special prayer for my dear @MrsRaiKing who has had an incredibly hard time with this. ⁣Love and appreciate you all,” wrote King.

In August, Kendi, who contributes to her father’s The North Star website, penned an emotional letter about her family having to move out of their new home after the media published their address and pictures of the property.

“My family who has done nothing to deserve this now has to pack up our lives and leave my mother’s house tirelessly to buy,” she wrote at the time. “This was her dream home. She put the wallpaper up herself. For the first time, my siblings got to have their own rooms.”

King also issued a statement on Instagram about having to move out of his new home.

“Today, I’ve had to make a heartbreaking decision.⁣ After a combination of Fox News, the NY Post, and other outlets posted pictures of my home across the Internet, we’ve now seen our address posted all over the Internet. ⁣Strangers have already started coming by the house. ⁣My kids can’t even go outside and play during the final month of summer break. ⁣So, we’re moving,” he wrote.

⁣”I suppose it might always be this way. I don’t know.⁣ My wife bought this home, her first, after working her ass off for 20+ years. It took her nearly a year to even be able to purchase it,” King continued.

“It was a quiet and peaceful refuge for her, for our 5 kids, for the dogs, and for our mothers. And it wasn’t excessive. Again, she got a literal FHA loan to purchase it. I’m not even on the loan.⁣ But now we’re not safe.⁣ And will never be safe here again.⁣ I’m so hurt for them. ⁣I’ve had to endure seeing my wife cry multiple times this week over the devastation of it all. ⁣

“I’ll be honest with you.⁣ I’m going to be bitter over this for a very long time,” he wrote.

King previously took to social media to respond to the hateful comments he receives.

”I have to be honest, I find it genuinely strange that so many people, thousands and thousands of you, who clearly think you hate me, but still follow me, and comment here so often,” he wrote. “Some of you hate me so much, that you have literal badges for how often you comment here.”

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