Thursday, September 29, 2022

Stacey Abrams to Rachel Maddow: We Have A Failed Leader in GA Gov. Kemp

Rachel Maddow - Stacey Abrams
Rachel Maddow – Stacey Abrams

*Thursday night (12-02-21) on The Rachel Maddow Showin her first national television interview since announcing her bid for Georgia Governor, Stacey Abrams spoke with host Rachel Maddow about her decision to run for a second time, voting rights and more.

On her decision to run for the governorship a second time: “I believe that we have the capacity to be an extraordinary place for families to grow, for people to succeed and thrive, and I think we have a failed leader who is currently occupying the office.”

On her loss to current Governor Brian Kemp: “On the night on the 16th of November when I acknowledged that I would not become governor, that he had won the election, I did not challenge the outcome of the election unlike some recent folks did. What I said was that the system was not fair.”

She continued: “I could not in good conscience say that in order to protect my political future, I’m going to be silent about the political present, which is that we have a system under a leader that sought to keep people from casting their ballot, that threw those ballots out, that said that voter suppression was a viable tactic for winning elections.”

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Rachel Maddow Show (banner)When asked about a way forward for voting rights Abrams said: “I am very bullish on the likelihood that the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act will pass because we know that in lieu of their passage, what we saw happen across the states this year is going to be redoubled starting in January.
source: The Rachel Maddow Show/MSNBC




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