Thursday, September 29, 2022

‘DAD Speak’ Docu-short A Finalist in Fatherhood Image Film Festival – VIDEO

Films With A Purpose presents DAD Speak a docu-short by LaRita Shelby featuring Ruffin Patterson, Mark Winkler and Evan Lionel.

*The docu-short DAD Speak by EURweb’s LaRita Shelby has been named a finalist in the Fatherhood Image Film Festival 2021. EURweb fans are asked to log on and rack up views for the win!

DAD Speak features Evan Lionel (comedian), Ruffin Patterson (athletic coach) and Mark Winkler (author of My Daughter’s Keeper) sharing heart felt insights into what they endured as fathers who sought to remain active in their children’s lives, despite changes in their various relationships with the children’s mothers.

LaRita was inspired to make the film after a forty year journey to reunite with her father, the late Calvin Thomas Shelby.  As she shared news of what occurred in her life, she was shocked by the scores of men who confessed their pain and struggle of being separated from their children or their own fathers. DAD Speak also features Dr. Loren Hill and Rev. Jerrold Smith.

Viewing is encouraged on Dec. 3rd during the virtual Fatherhood Image Film Festival.  Click here.

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DAD Speak is Executive Produced by Sandra Evers Manly for Films With A Purpose. Fathers, children and open minded mothers are asked to attend the virtual viewing on December 3rd 2021 via the Fatherhood Image Festival link.  The film seeks to be a tool of greater understanding for misunderstood fathers and a channel of hope for separated families.

Click to purchase ticket, view and vote.

Please note that DAD Speak will run in a cluster of films in a multi-screening that includes: Honest Living, In Deed and Truth, Where are The Drums?, The RAINY DAY, A Father’s Duty, Daddy’s Here, Just Like Water @ Virtual Theater.




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