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Families of Astroworld Victims Refuse Travis Scott’s Offer to Cover Burial Costs

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*Travis Scott’s offer to cover funeral expenses for Astroworld victims has been rejected by more families.

According to Rolling Stone, the attorneys for the families of four people who died at the festival have rejected Scott’s offer to cover burial expenses for 21-year-old friends Jacob Jurinek and Franco Patino, 21-year-old Axel Acosta, and 14-year-old John Hilgert.

“It was not an offer [the Hilgerts] were going to seriously consider,” Richard Mithoff told the publication on the Hilgert family. “Of all the things this case is about, that’s the least of any concern. This family is set on making change and ensuring this never happens at a concert again. I find offering to pay for funerals frankly demeaning and really inappropriate to the magnitude of the tragedy that unfolded.”

Philip Corboy, the attorney for the Jurinek and Patino families, said Scott’s offer was merely the rapper “trying to lessen the public outcry on his case.”

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Corboy continued, “If he’s trying to impress upon the families that he’s sincere and has concern for them and realize that funerals can be expensive, what Scott’s team did is not the way to do it… You don’t get a piece of paper in the mail from a lawyer in Beverly Hills who says he represents Travis Scott. These families are raw right now; that lacks any personal touch.”

Tony Buzbee, who represents the family of 21-year-old Axel Acosta, called the offcer “bullshit.”

“If you gave a shit about these families, you wouldn’t have to put out a press release for everyone to see saying he’s willing to pay for a funeral,” he added. 

We reported earlier that Scott offered to cover the funeral expenses for 9-year-old Ezra Blount, the youngest victim in the Astroworld tragedy, but the boy’s family declined the offer. 

“Your client’s offer is declined. I have no doubt Mr. Scott feels remorse. His journey ahead will be painful. He must face and hopefully see that he bears some of the responsibility for this tragedy,” Bob Hilliard, the Blount family’s lawyer, wrote in a letter obtained by Rolling Stone. 

Hillard’s statement is in response to a letter from Scott’s attorney Daneil Petrocelli, as reported by Complex

“Travis is devastated by the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld Festival and grieves for the families whose loved ones died or were injured,” Petrocelli wrote. “Travis is committed to doing his part to help the families who have suffered and begin the long process of healing in the Houston community. Toward that end, Travis would like to pay for the funeral expenses for Mr. Blount’s son.” 

Per the report, a funeral was held for Ezra on Nov. 23 in Texas. 

Meanwhile, a $2 billion lawsuit was filed against Scott, Drake, Apple Music, Live Nation, and NRG Stadium, where the event was held, on behalf of the 282 victims who were physically or mentally impacted by the tragedy.

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