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Baron Jay Littleton Jr. Creates New Sitcom ‘House Out Of Order’ for NBT | VIDEO

Baron Jay Littleton and Christopher J. Moore
House Out Of Order, new sitcom by Baron Jay Littleton and Christopher J. Moore.

*Baron Jay Littleton Jr. is the prolific producer, actor and founder of his own non-profit organization: The Baron Jay Foundation. He is one of the minds behind the new sitcom House Out Of Order.  (Story by Quentin Marc Milroe)

Littleton, has created House Out Of Order with Christopher J Moore, writer from Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne and Meet The Browns. Bentley Kyle Evans, legendary television writer, actor, producer and director, with credits from classic programs Martin and The Jamie Foxx Show, will direct the sitcom.

Evans has recently served as executive producer for the Netflix sitcom Dad Stop Embarrassing Me, starring Jamie Foxx. Moreover, Evans is executive producer of the sitcom Millennials, which premiered on AMC Network’s streaming service ALLBLK. Millennials has made history as the first number one show that’s streaming on the network.

Littleton and Evans clicked instantly when they met on the set of Love That Girl, where Evans was directing and Littleton was an extra. They have maintained a viable business partnership ever since.

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Cast of House Out Of Order, new sitcom by Baron Jay Littleton and Christopher J. Moore.
Cast of House Out Of Order, new sitcom by Baron Jay Littleton and Christopher J. Moore. (3rd from Right: Baron Jay Littleton, Jr.)

House Out Of Order is about James King and his ex-wife Karyn; they own a home together where they raise their teenage son, Deon. Now, even though they’re divorced, both James and Karyn refuse to move out. When James lets his new wife Lisa move in, Karyn moves in her nosey mother Viola, to foil him. James and Karyn were high school sweethearts, and up until this point and time, they were pleasantly co-parenting.

To make his living, James runs and owns an online newspaper called The Black Post, along with his business partner Tyrone and their assistant, Larry. James and Tyrone are best friends, but he’s team Karyn.

Furthermore, James’ little brother Xavier, has moved into the neighborhood. Xavier is hated by Karyn, but has an influence on Deon, who actually wants to be a comedian. Also, Bernard, James’  college friend who likes to compete with James every chance he gets, will buy a house across the street from him. With all of this transpiring, it’ll be a sight to see James try to keep it together.

Littleton, is featured in the show as Ervin, the owner and bartender of an establishment the show’s characters frequent.

House Out Of Order, new sitcom co-created by Baron Jay Littleton, Jr. and Christopher J. Moore
House Out Of Order, new sitcom co-created by Baron Jay Littleton, Jr. and Christopher J. Moore.

House Out Of Order is a show that’s crafted to display the narratives of people of Caribbean descent. The intent also is to make sure that actors from the Caribbean, are the ones who bring these tales to light.

In essence, the goal is to illustrate the multi-faceted lives of Caribbean people. House Out Of Order has currently four shows filmed and will be released on National Black Television (NBT) in 2022.

Assistance in the production duties of House Out Of Order were provided by The Baron Jay Foundation‘s Filmmaker Internship Program (FIP). The FIP is an entity specifically designed to teach Los Angeles area middle school, high school, and college students from low to moderate income households about film production.

The intent of the FIP is to illustrate how science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) relate to filmmaking. Subjects to be explored are Production, Camera, Sound, Grip, Set Lighting, Art Set Dressing, Property, Make-up/Hair, Costume, Mobile APP Website technology and many more. And also, this program is free to those who enroll!

Currently, House Out Of Order isn’t the only project Littleton is working on. He’s also putting together a documentary on boxing. One of the subjects of the documentary is Tyree Chapman, an undefeated amateur boxer from Littleton’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Chapman has lost both of his parents, and survived a shooting in which seven of his friends were killed. He is being trained by former boxing champion DeMarcus ‘Chop Chop’ Corley. Littleton’s intention is to help Chapman go from amateur to professional.

Aside from film and television, Littleton has made a mark in the fashion industry, with his creation of the Tie Bow. TieBow will prove to be an innovative way for men and women to upgrade their wardrobe without the hassle of tying a tie. A percentage of the proceeds of the Tie Bows sold will go to the Baron Jay Foundation.

Furthermore, Littleton has made his way into the music industry, with his record label Kofi, Inc. Currently, he is in talks with larger labels in regards of securing marketing and distribution. Littleton has recently signed singer Jovan Marie, who has performed at P. Diddy’s Revolt Summit and The Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards aka HAPA Awards. Marie will be releasing her single ‘Real Good Love’ along with the accompanying video within the first quarter of 2022. She as well will drop a mixtape produced by DJ Rob E Rob; the celebrity DJ for 50 Cent, Jadakiss and others. Marie will also play the role of a singer named Syrup in House Out Of Order.

Baron Jay Littleton Jr, is a man who exemplifies diligence. He’s made a name for himself in the tough world of the entertainment industry, and additionally, he has made his mark in the world as a viable entrepreneur. On December 3rd, 2021, Littleton will be celebrating his birthday.  “It’s my birthday present to myself to have wrapped four episodes of House Out Of Order, and continue my work on my other business endeavors,” says Littleton. Needless to say, Baron Jay Littleton Jr is just getting started.
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