Saturday, May 28, 2022

Halle Berry and Rapper Latto Dish About ‘Nastiest Request’ Received During Sex [WATCH]

*Halle Berry joined rapper Latto for a candid conversation during the latest episode of her 5 Rounds IGTV series.

Berry teamed with Latto for the soundtrack of her latest film “Bruised,” for which the rapper contributed a song to the project, now streaming on Netflix. At one point during their seven-and-a-half minute sit-down, Latto asked the actress about the “wildest request” she’s ever received in the bedroom.

“Does nastiest request count? Can she change the question?” she said.

“It could be like nasty, wildest, weirdest,” Latto responded.

“Somebody once wanted me to let him spit in my face,” Berry revealed. “I was like, ‘you got it twisted! This isn’t a porn video. This is happening for real. It is not a movie.’”

Watch the moment via the Instagram clip below.

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Berry previously dished with rapper Young M.A for a video interview to promote the “Bruised” soundtrack and the two set Twitter on fire with a flirty moment as they discussed their “weird” turn-ons.

“Only ‘cuz you’re asking me,” Berry teased the rapper before answering. “I don’t know if this is weird, but I like when you’re kissing someone, and they like, kinda suck the tongue. It might not be weird, but that turns me on.”

“That’s not weird, that’s not weird. That is absolutely perfect,” Young M.A responds. Watch the moment via the clip below.

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