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Amara La Negra Dishes on Her Pregnancy, Beefs & Her Dope New Show | WATCH

*The beautiful “Love and Hip Hop Miami” reality star and singer, Amara La Negra, chops it up with TV and radio personality Jazmyn ‘Jaz’ Summers on her journey from miscarriage to pregnancy, her new show and much more.

Amara says she is super excited about her hot new show “Don’t Cancel Me With Amara La Negra” premiering December 1st at 11pm on Fuse.

“I can be totally myself and not get canceled for voicing my opinion.  We  go hard for topics from immigration to the LGBTQ community to colorism in our community to sex.  I wanted to hit some real important topics that are somewhat taboo and nobody wants to talk about.  I want to give a judgement free zone where you can be transparent, be yourself and just express yourself.” Amara dishes to EURweb Spotlight. “These days it’s always about the cancel culture.  It shouldn’t be like that just because I don’t agree with what you have to say doesn’t mean you have to “cancel”

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Amara La Negra
Amara La Negra

She disagrees with all the controversy over Dave Chappelle ‘s remakrs on the LGBTQ commuity during hi netflix special that got him in the hot seat.

“I feel with all due respect he has the rights to his opinion and just because people don’t agree with him doesn’t mean he has to be canceled,”she tells Jaz. “He has the right use his voice. I understand there’s an audience that felt  ‘wow that was rude towards us that, was disrespectful to us’.  but  I mean Dave is Dave and nothing he says is shocking to us.”

She remembers the pain of her miscarriage this summer like it was yesterday.

“The pain is still the same.  For any woman who has lost a child,  who has carried life within them and then lost it.  It was very painful, very hurtful emotionally, spiritually and physically. I’m young but I’m an only child and I want a family. What’s the point of all this success if you don’t have anyone to share it with,” she reveals to Jaz.  “I know a lot of women can relate and I want them to know they’re not alone.  I cried everyday.  I had this motherly instinct growing inside me and then to know that it’s not happening for you yet was so painful.”

Amara La Negra twins
Amara La Negra shows off her twins

But now there’s good news. “Originally I was pregnant with triplets.  I lost one and now I have two and it was natural.  I come from a family that is very fertile.  Twins run in the father’s family and my father’s family as well.  I am pregnant with two little girls.  I’m really happy, really excited and extremely blessed just trying to enjoy the journey.”  Amara shares that physically its a little rough, “Right now I’m very nauseous. I’m tired. I’m sleepy. I’m gassy.  I’m all messed up physically but emotionally I’m really happy, excited and a little nervous.  I’m an only child and so this is my first time and  God blessed me with two at the same time. ”

Her mom who originally wasn’t thrilled has come around.  “She is super excited. These are her babies.  I almost feel like I’m a surrogate for her,” Amara jokes. “I am grateful that I have her to help me through this journey, this process. I’m a businesswoman.  I’m a workaholic.  As soon as I have my babies,  I’ll be here as long as I can but then I’ll get back to work immediately.”

Amara La Negra
Amara La Negra – Photo Credit:

Her fiancée, Dominican business man Allan Mueses, and Amara  broke up and she plans to be a single mom as opposed to co parenting but …

“I wish him nothing but the best,” she says.  “I come from a fatherless household and I wanted to be able to give that to my children (a father) but in due time  God will bless me with the right man who will do that.  I’d rather be a single mom then give a messy household to my children where they hear negativity and disrespect.  I’m not here for that.”

She’s not spilling the tea on exactly why they broke up but the long distance  between the Dominican Republic and Miami was a problem and mama wasn’t a big Allan fan.

Amara La Negra (2021 -yellow pantsuit1) - Getty
Amara La Negra

Her other ex, Emjay Johnson, claims he introduced her to  Mueses and recently went in on her for dating him.  The blog  “Urban Belle” reports that Amara had a messy breakup with Johnson. On the previous season of the show, Amara said she was the breadwinner in the relationship. So when one of Emjay’s ex’s told her that she experienced the same thing years prior, Amara felt it was time to end the relationship. When she did, Emjay was heartbroken. But he was urged to move on by his sister Shay Johnson. However, Amara and Emjay would quietly continue their romance after the cameras weren’t around. But they weren’t able to fully recover from their issues. Emjay and Shay recently blasted Amara accusing her of moving on  from Emjay with a family friend alleging that Emjay introduced them and felt betrayed .

Emjay might have been doing  a little clout chasing., Amara spills:  “It was funny because he was there to promote something and I understand he needed to mention me in order to get attention. I guess it’s relevant to them but not to me  The whole time they had things to say, I was with child and in my own world.  Regardless of the things they said,  I wish them nothing but the best.  I’m in a different place in my life.  My ex (Emjay)  is an ex for a reason.  I am a mature  adult and I think you keep your dirty laundry at home. Even though there’s a lot I could say, I’m not.  I have two little girls to worry about now. We weren’t married and we don’t have any kids together. I don’t feel like I have to expose any more out of respect for the relationship we had at one point  not because i can’t but because I choose not to.”

Amara says now she’s looking forward to creating a loving home for her two daughters and working hard on her career and business interests. Catch “Don’t Cancel Me” at 11pm on Fuse kicking off on December 1st.

For the full convo between Jaz and Amara, check out the video up top.

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