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Kendra Wilkinson Talks TV Return with New Series ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’ [EUR Exclusive]

Kendra Wilkinson / Credit: discovery+

*We caught up with former resident of the iconic Playboy Mansion, Kendra Wilkinson to dish about her new discovery+ series, “Kendra Sells Hollywood,” that follows the famed reality TV star as she joins Douglas Elliman, one of the most successful and competitive real estate firms in Los Angeles, on her new journey to take on the housing market. 

Per press release, with no prior experience, she relies on her signature humor and fierce determination to learn the ropes and land her first sale. From the sprawling mansions of Beverly Hills to the beach bungalows of Venice, Kendra is ready to take Tinseltown by storm and prove that she has the hustle to make it in real estate. 

Will longtime Kendra fans learn anything new or surprising about her on the series?

“I am bringing a whole new adventure to TV. I’m of course, still Kendra, I will always be Kendra, but you’re getting a whole new experience with me,” Kendra tells EURweb’s Ny MaGee in an exclusive interview. 

“I actually have a job now and you get a chance to see me start my new job and start my new career, and walk through the doors of the biggest real estate agency in the country. And you’re seeing me as a businesswoman, or trying to be a businesswoman and learning real estate, and it’s really exciting,” she added. 

“Not only are you seeing me start my new business as a real estate agent, you’re seeing my new life. I’m learning how to date again, I’m learning how to socialize again. I’ve gone through years of intense healing from depression and divorce, and now I’m coming back to life. And this is for the fans and who have been following me. And I’m really excited about this one, this is a brand new start to a new journey and I’m really excited to show you guys,” she continued. 

Check out the rest of our Q&A with Kendra below. 

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Kendra Wilkinson
As seen on ‘Kendra Sells Hollywood,’ host Kendra Wilkinson poses in the foyer at one of the properties that she shows to her clients. Credit: discovery+

Will you check in on social media to follow the fan reaction to your TV comeback?

I’m a hundred percent here with the fans. I’m a hundred percent here with people watching and I will be active and engaging with everything. And I’m really excited about this new chance at life, I’m really excited about it. And it’s actually very scary too, because this is the first time in my life where I’m actually learning how to become a business person and learn something new, and actually have a job. So this is a whole new ballgame and I’m here with the fans to be here for the road and the new journey.

What has been most challenging while pursuing this new career?  

Yeah, getting on my feet again and learning something new as a single mom too, and starting a business as a single mom. It’s just me and the two kids and I don’t have anyone around, it’s just me that’s providing right now, for my home. And, and it’s a very vulnerable situation, but I’m brave. I’m not afraid to admit that I am learning something new in my life and I’m not afraid of going through failures in order to get to success. And I know that making mistakes and going through ups and downs is part of the process. And wow, every day I wake up in this new business with cameras on and hundreds of people watching every move I make, it can get really, really, tough. It can get really, really hard, but I just came out of a three-year depression and right now I feel like iron man. I feel like nothing can get to me anymore and I’ve healed and I’ve done the inner work and now it’s time to do the outer work.

Not only that, you’re getting a chance to see a hundred percent real-life decision-making. I had to decide whether I am ready to date right now, or not. And what do I take seriously at this moment? I don’t even have time. So I went on a date on my show and I had to make a decision, whether I focus all of my energy on my business, or start dating at the same time and I had to make a decision and you’re a part of that journey with me. Because my kids are watching me and I don’t think they really care about me bringing home any boyfriends right now.

Kendra Sells Hollywood
‘Kendra Sells Hollywood’ / Credit: discovery+

How old are your kids?

11 and seven, and we’ve gotten to this amazing place together, the three of us, that it’s going to take a little bit more than just a boyfriend to enter through that door. It has to be extraordinarily amazing for any man to walk through my house. So right now it’s all about learning. It’s all about a new experience for me. It’s about showing my kids how to get back up in life and get back at it, dust off, dust your shoulders off and get back out there.

Did you receive any pushback from other LA-based real estate agents once they heard you were new competition?

Yeah, for sure. It’s been a huge challenge for me starting the real estate business and I’m starting it, having the celebrity label attached to my forehead and people already assume that I’m a certain way, and I’m here to do the business. I’m here to actually work as a real estate agent now. This business is about trust, people are trusting me to help them with the biggest purchase of their lives. And I’m not going to fail them. I’m here to prioritize them and to make sure that they are in good hands. And I’m learning with the best of the best people in the country and the best team at Douglas Elliman.

And it’s been a challenge because I’m waking up every day and I’m excited to learn and I’m learning and giving it a hundred percent of my energy and mindset and heart and soul. And I’m learning with the best team, but yet I still have yet to, sell a house. I still have yet to close a deal. And that is becoming a huge challenge for me, because my kids, when I walk through that door every day they’re, “Mama, did you do it? Did you sell a house yet? Did you sell a house?” I’m like, “No, not today.” It’s getting really challenging that, how much work I’m putting into it, but yet I still have yet to close a deal. I have to fight. This is a dog-eat-dog world. This game is only for hustlers, the top of the top hustlers, and I’m doing the best I can. And every day I wake up fighting, every day I wake up, I’m trying to give it all I got.

Has the COVID pandemic and lockdowns made the job of a real estate agent tougher?

No, people are out buying, it’s a good market. People are out, doing real estate business right now, and I’m just trying to jump right in be a part of it, and fight for my spot. It really hasn’t affected too much from what I could see. It really hasn’t.

Douglas Elliman is one of the most successful businessmen in real estate. How did you come to team up with him and have him as your mentor?

Douglas Elliman is one of the biggest real estate agencies in the country. And once I passed my real estate test, I knew exactly that they were my top hit to go with, but the challenge was to be accepted. And so, that’s where you’re starting to see me on camera, where I’m walking through the door and I’m asking for a job. I’m literally asking them for a job. And so far, they’ve given it to me, but with exceptions and you’re going to see what those exceptions are, you’re going to see what’s going on. And it’s the best, one of the most successful real estate agencies in the world. And I’m trying to find my way and make them proud.

Last question, what three words would best describe “Kendra Sells Hollywood”?

How about, single mama hustles.

“Kendra Sells Hollywood” is now streaming on discovery+.

Ny MaGee
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