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Hell Freezes Over as Tyler Perry Set to Step Back & Bring in New Talent

Tyler Perry - GettyImages
Tyler Perry – GettyImages

*Tyler Perry’s creative mind has manifested in the form of plays, television and films for the better part of the last two decades, and he has been infamous about writing and producing all of his own works. Currently, Perry’s signature is on seven episodic shows.

Recently it has been reported that Tyler Perry has finally decided to bring in new blood to his projects in the form of writers and directors.

“I’m the volume guy for about three or four more years. My plan is to relinquish to a lot more directors and writers to take over a lot of these shows that I’ve started,” Perry said told The Hollywood Reporter.

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It has been a known-known that Tyler Perry Studios does not have a writer’s room due to the fact that Perry does all the writing himself. However, Perry appears happy with the idea of transitioning, creatively.

“It’s going to be more of me overseeing, rather than doing the hands-on work,” Perry said. “I treat it like a job. Every morning, after I work out, I start writing at 7 and don’t finish until 7 in the evening. I do that every day until it’s done. I love it.”

Now, just because Tyler Perry is stepping back from some of his duties doesn’t mean he’s going to be sitting around twirling his thumbs. Tyler Perry Studios booked with bigtime projects for the next three years, and not to mention any projects he’s already working on. One thing’s for certain, we’ll know soon enough whether this will be a true transitioning or simply a respite for the Emmy Award-winning director.

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