Wednesday, December 8, 2021

NBAer Lou Williams on His 2 Baby Mamas – ‘Not Just Some Random Girls I’m Running Around With’ | VIDEO

*Lou Williams has always been able to score with ease dating all the way back to when he was drafted by the Sixers, but we didn’t know that hot touch was still apparent even off the court.

Indeed, Lou Williams out here living his best life with two dimes while my old ass over here writing an article about it. Indeed, two different perspectives, two different individuals, one singular accomplishment-the ability to convince to women to share is a notable phenomenon in and of itself.

However, to wield successful wield two girlfriends means there must be some primordial magic involved. Cuz ain’t no way…!

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Speaking with Taylor Rooks, Lou defended his scenario.

“People even thought they were sisters, I was like, ‘That’s ridiculous.’ I didn’t like the part where I couldn’t control what was being said and how they were viewed. Both of those women are mothers of my children, not just some random girls I’m running around with…”

So, apparently, it’s more like a sister-wife scenario than a “Boogie Nights” scenario. Still, it ain’t normal by any societal stretch of the imagination.

“It’s good that the former Lakers, Clippers player demands respect for his wives,” as Fadeaway World noted. “Not many people are indeed used to seeing this happening without the people involved creating some sort of drama, but things are different for Williams.”

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The article also noted that one of his ladies starred in a big moment in the bubble when she was spotted dancing during a Clippers game. She earned a lot of attention after that, but people quickly found out she was with Lou.

For his part, Lou Will isn’t having any slander or gossip regarding the mother’s of his children and will shut the bullsh*t real quick when detected.

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