Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hulus’ ‘The Great’ Gets Into Characters’ Personal Sides | Watch

*Season two of the hit Hulu series “The Great” debuted yesterday!

Catherine (Elle Fanning) has finally taken the Russian throne for her own – but after coup-ing her husband Peter (Nicholas Hoult). Catherine will have to tackle the realities of ‘liberating’ a country that doesn’t want to be. She’ll battle her court, her team, even her mother in a bid to bring enlightenment to Russia.

Meanwhile, Peter has his own plans…By his side are his two best friends, Grigor (Gwilym Lee) and Arkady (Bayo Gbadamosi). This season we get more into the lives of the duo. Grigor is still dealing with the difficulties in his marriage caused by Peter continuously sleeping with his wife, even after asking him to stop. At the same time, Arkady is balancing life with family and helping Peter reclaim his throne.

EUR correspondent Jill Munroe talked with the two actors about their characters’ loyalty to Peter and their expanded roles.

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Hulu ‘The Great’ Bayo Gbadamosi and Florence Keith-Roach

Grigor and Arkady are ride or die for Peter. “The lifestyle that Arkady lives in under Peter is something he enjoys, the privilege that comes along with it is something he holds dear. It’s seamless and natural for him to get to want to be a part of team Peter. So, it causes him to be loyal to Peter. However, there is certainly some self-preservation going on. Proximity to power,” explained Gbadamosi about the complexities of their relationship with Peter.

Grigor sticks by Peter through Catherine’s coup. But he is frustrated, seeing Peter’s obsessive love for Catherine as a massive obstacle in his return to power. Lee shared how season two goes deeper into who the characters are because now the audience has chosen sides.

the great
Hulu ‘The Great’ Sacha Dhawan, Nicholas Hoult, and Gwilym Lee

“This season, you get to see a more personal side to these characters because we spent a lot of the first season setting up these characters, setting up the world. Now you know who you like, you jump off the deep end and delve into what makes them tick. What’s important to them and what their priorities are.”

Gbadamosi was excited about exploring Arkady’s family side. “He’s a family man; he has kids, so getting to see that side to him is exciting and certainly something I wanted to do. There is also a lot of exciting stuff that happens with Grigor that is quite interesting. As I was reading the show, it was fascinating to see what was unfolding.”




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