Monday, October 3, 2022

Chuck D Points Finger at Live Nation for Astroworld Tragedy – Not Travis Scott

chuck d - screenshot
Chuck D (screenshot)

*Chuck D of Public Enemy has never been one to mince words on injustice. Recently he penned an open letter to those that organized the Astroworld event for Travis Scott.

This is likely in response to the overall lynch mob vibes people are putting out there regarding legal action against Scott himself, who was the performer and not the venue owner, venue management, security or design. So, pray tell, how exactly is this Travis’ fault?

A nine-year boy was among ten people killed when a avalanche of human bodies cause a crush at the Houston event two weeks ago.

In his letter he wrote, “I cannot believe we’re at the point where I [got to] say this out loud: Travis Scott is a performer, an act, not a concert promoter. He doesn’t run the sound or venues or festivals or their staff. He doesn’t build stages or coordinate logistics, he’s not an expert in crowd control or security or emergency medical services. But he does trust Live Nation and all the other concert promoters who are supposed to do all of this. And yet here we are, 10 deaths and counting. 10 broken families. The world is mourning,” his letter began.

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Chuck D – Getty

“I’m tired of these corporations shucking their most crucial responsibility. These folks simply say Rest In Peace and move on. This negligence can’t continue. Folks want answers. I’m not buying the Young Black Man did it. He’s being blamed for a crime while the old white men running the corps that Travis and his fans trusted with their lives stay quiet in the shadows, counting their money and watching their stock prices go up and up.

“The excuse of Scott’s irresponsible actions don’t wash – if his act had a history of that behavior why promote him to bigger venues, why partner with him in the first place and let him headline a bigger audience? Live Nation controlled this show. They control almost all of the concert venues. Artists ain’t speaking out because these same cats are already bought by these corporations. No one can say a word against them unless they want to be Blacklisted and hurt their careers.”

Ricardo A. Hazell
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