Friday, September 30, 2022

‘It Was So Random’: Snoop Dogg Works Raising Cane’s Drive-Thru in Arkansas, Stunning Drivers (Watch)

*University of Arkansas student Belle Nash told TODAY she and her roommate rolled up to a rather long line at the drive-thru of fast food spot Raising Cane’s in Fayetteville on Wednesday afternoon, and even waived to a mysterious GoPro camera when they ordered, not really thinking anything of it.

The two pulled up to the window and handing over their food was none other than the Doggfather. (Watch video above.)

“I turned I look see that it’s Snoop Dogg,” she said, laughing. “And we’re just like completely at a loss for words because it was so random. Like, we weren’t expecting anything at all. Also, we live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. So like we were not expecting any celebrities to be here.”

She pulled out her camera and began recording the interaction and their reaction on TikTok, which immediately went viral.

“We were just in shock like the whole way home and started playing (his) songs and were just screaming, like, ‘What just happened? What just happened? That was crazy,'” she said. “Everyone knows who he is.”

Watch below.

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She said throughout their whole interaction, Dogg was “so, so kind.”

“We were obviously freaking out and he was like … ‘It’s OK, baby. It’s OK, baby,'” she said. “He’s just super cool, very kind.”




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