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Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter on Why She Starred in Adult Films

*Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana Fishburne, dabbled in the adult film industry over a decade ago, at the time she was 19-years-old and starred in an X-rated film titled “Montana Fishburne: An A-List Daughter Makes Her XXX Debut,” which was released by Vivid in 2010.

A spokesman for the company said at the time: “The wildly uninhibited Montana knew what she wanted at the time. She said her goal was to become another Kim Kardashian, because she greatly admired what Kim had accomplished after Vivid released her sex tape, ‘Kim Kardashian Superstar.’”

As her porn career took off, Montana insisted she wanted nothing to do with her famous father until he accepted her career choice as a porn star. Laurence Fishburne reportedly cut ties with his daughter for “embarrassing” him.

“Until he respects me and accepts me for who I am, I don’t think we will have much of a relationship,” she previously said.

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Montana Fishburne
Montana Fishburne

In 2011 Montana, who is now age 29, said the following to The Huffington Post

On her relationship with her father since the tape was released:
Montana Fishburne- “I did talk to my father. He told me he was embarrassed by me. My mom just says, ‘I love you.’ We don’t talk about it every day. She wants me to be happy and doesn’t want me to get dragged into the dark side of porn.”

On other offers she has received:
M.F.- “I can’t be specific, but they are acting roles. I’m open to scripted and reality. It just all depends on what the project it is. If something truly interests me, I’ll get super involved and want to make it happen. That’s why I did this movie.”

On how she expects the sex tape to affect her career:
M.F.- “Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was released, but she still got past that. Even though she got all that negative attention for it, she still has all these other ventures going on now. That is what I want to emulate: having a tape come out and still being seen as a positive person. Not just, ‘She’s a porn star.’”

A few years after her adult film was released, Montana and Laurence reportedly happily reunited, as reported by I Love Old School Music.

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