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Queen Sugar’s Aunt Vi in Real Life: Tina Lifford Dishes on the Show & Dating Younger Men

*Veteran actor Tina Lifford hangs out with Radio and TV personality Jazmyn Summers to dish on “Queen Sugar,” the acclaimed drama by Ava DuVernay and Oprah Winfrey that airs Tuesdays on OWN.

“What Ava gave us all was that the underlying intention of the show was to find the extraordinary in ordinary people, everyday people,” Tina shares with Spotlight. ” I think the show has done a fantastic job of having you lean into your own ordinary life because you actually can see yourself on the screen.  The Bordelons bring warmth to our hearts and either we recognize our family, wish for a family like that or remember a time like that.”

Ava Duvernay
Ava Duvernay

She found the inspiration for Aunt Vi from the community she grew up in. “I believe that all of the women who were my mother, my aunties, friends of the family,  they are all in Aunt Vi.  I grew up in a community where that vperson who was my mom’s good friend was called auntie.  I had a lot of aunties. I was parented by a lot of people.”

There’s always some kind of tension going on in the show and you can expect a lot more before the season finale next Tuesday.  “This season you had Aunt Vi holding a secret from Hollywood and Ralph Angel was holding secrets from Darla. It is interesting.  Surprising.”

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Tina Lifford as "Auntie Vi" on the set of "Queen Sugar"
Tina Lifford as “Auntie Vi” on the set of “Queen Sugar”

In the show she dates a man about 20 years her junior  And while she’s not dating now, Tina says she has dated younger men in real life. Take notes brothers.

“I like people who are young at heart and  have goals. They don’t have to be just  career goals but goals for that next better iteration of themselves,” Tina reveals. “I am a champion of let’s live this life to the best degree that we can while we can.  If I can meet someone who wants to do that kind of livin’ then I’m all in  I’m using this lifetime to become that next better iteration and that has nothing to do with age or money.”

Samantha Vincent, Tina Lifford and Ayoka Chenzira
Samantha Vincent, Tina Lifford and Ayoka Chenzira

Dating is challenging for someone whose face is constantly on screen but Tina tells Jaz, “I don’t define myself as a celebrity. I come from a family where you speak to everyone,  I am gonna talk to anyone who talks to me and if we fall into a conversation that stimulates me then we’re gonna continue to have that conversation.”

Tina is also an author penning the book “Little Book of Big Lies: A Journey Into Inner Fitness.”

Tina Lifford Authors Book on Inner Fitness

“The book takes the stand that who we are on the inside is as important as our physical body.  The way we pay attention to how we look on the outside we must give our inner self that attention so that we can have more choice and mastery over our lives and live our life by design. ”

Amen Tina!  For more Tina insights check out the entire convo in the video at the top.

Jazmyn Summers

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