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Jill Scott Talks Abuses, Loves, Divorces, Staying Vulnerable & New Movie ‘Highway to Heaven’ | WATCH

*Jill Scott and co star Barry Watson star in the new Lifetime movie “Highway to Heaven.” It debuted on 11-06-21.

They took a moment to kick it with Radio and TV personality Jazmyn Summers and dish on the movie, love, relationships and so much more.

“Highway to Heaven,” Lifetime’s new event movie series, is a contemporary take on Michael Landon’s iconic 80s television series. It follows Angela Stewart (Scott), an angel who is sent back to earth to help others in need.  In the premiere movie, Angela takes on the role of a temporary school counselor and finds herself working alongside junior high school principal Bruce Banks (Watson) as she intervenes in the lives of a troubled student Cody (Ben Daon), his father Jeff (Robert Moloney) and his aunt Vanessa (Victoria Bidewell), who are grieving the tragic loss of Cody’s mother, Melissa (Ashley Ross).

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Jill Scott - Barry Watson
Jill Scott – Barry Watson

“It’s kind of crazy and wild to play an angel because I don’t think I’ve ever been angel but I’ve met some. I’ve met some  people who came through when things were dark or scary and confusing.  Kind people who didn’t want anything but to uplift.  That’s what i think an angel is all about. Teaching people about compassion. Angela calls the creator her boss and she’s sent to people for special reasons,” Jill tells EURweb Spotlight. “We’ll be touching different kinds of people in the series because God loves us all.”

Jill Scott
Jill Scott arrives at HBO’s Post Emmy Awards Reception at the Plaza at the Pacific Design Center on September 17, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Jill, in real life, has been divorced twice.

“I only count one divorce because my first husband was actually a husband. He’s still a good friend and a good husband,”  she shares with Jaz.  “I don’t count my ex fiancée because we were never officially married and I don’t count my last divorce because he was not consequential to me.  What i will not do is give up on love.  I’ve seen it. The goodness,  the sweetness,  the compassion, the affection and so i cant give up on something that I know is real.  i just learned some good lessons but I’m still open to love, real love.  I learned I have to be patient and give it time. Because people will always reveal themselves if you give them time.”

Jill Scott & Mike Dobson (Getty)
Jill Scott & Mike Dobson (Getty)

That’s exactly what happened with Mike Dobson who she married in 2016 and filed for divorce in 2017 citing  “inappropriate marital conduct.”  She claimed that “further cohabitation would be unsafe and improper.”  In an interview with Bossip, he called her an “evil woman” threatening “if you want to try to disgrace me, try to slander me, I can fight dirty.”  He took her to court asking for a $500,000 payout despite having signed a prenuptial agreement. They settled for a non disclosed amount.

Barry Watson, on the other hand, is happily married but shares its all about timing.

“It took time for me to find the right person and to be the right person.  For me to become a man,  to be the husband i am now. Sometimes it takes men time to become the men we need to be.  You gotta make some mistakes and learn from them. Really learn from them.”

Jill Scott
Jill Scott – Getty

Jill also shared that she suffered domestic violence throughout her childhood and a personal relationship.

“I watched my mother walk away and I think that was the most powerful thing that has ever happened my my life for our greater good,” she reveals. “She walked away with nothing. I remember waking up under the blanket at grandma’s house and we never looked back.  It taught me that when life is being cruel to you, you have to do something about it.  You may lose everything in the course of that. But her actions let me know I don’t have to suffer in silence.  I don’t have to stay in a place that is harmful to my spirit or my body.”

There just might be somebody special but she tells Jaz that dating is challenging , “I don’t date celebrity people because you might be on the list of fetishsizing me, who I am or who they think I am.  It is a challenge to meet people.  But I’ve chosen to hang around happy couples. like couples that kiss with their eyes closed after 15 years. They have assisted me in choosing a wonderful man for myself.”

To check out the full convo and see her latest shoes  – yup, she has a shoe passion – (and Barry’s kicks) check out the interview above. And of course, want to remind you to check out “Highway to Heaven” on Lifetime.

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