Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Chris Rock Calls Kyrie Irving ‘Top Idiot in the Country’ | WATCH

Chris Rock - Kyrie Irving
Chris Rock – Kyrie Irving

*Chris Rock hit the stage Wednesday at an NFT Week event in Brooklyn and shared how he felt about anti-vaxxers.

In a clip that has since gone viral, Rock says, “I haven’t seen any shows since COVID,” he said while introducing The Strokes. “Has anybody been like, ‘Throw your mask in the air, and wave it like you just don’t care?’ Where’s my anti-vaxxers at? Where you at? You f*cking dumb Kyrie motherf*ckers,” he joked.

Chris Rock was referring to the NBA player who made headlines over his stance on not getting vaccinated. This also comes just weeks after Howard Stern came for Kyrie Irving, calling him the “top idiot in the country.”

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As previously reported, Kyrie Irving is unvaccinated and has refused to comply with NYC mandates that require the shot to play ball or enter indoor facilities.

“It’s not about being anti-vax or about being on one side or the other. It’s about being true to what feels good for me,” Irving explained while addressing the backlash he’s received. “I’m still uncertain about a lot of things, and that’s ok. If I’m going to be demonized about having more questions and taking my time to make a decision with my life, then that’s just what it is.”

Irving’s current stance on the COVID-19 vaccine has resulted in his temporary ban from the Barclays Center. Additionally, Nets officials will not allow him to practice and play with team members until he is vaccinated — a decision that anti-vaxxers have protested against. His decision has also hurt his team.

So, do you think Chris Rock’s attack of Irving is on point or not? Scroll down and let us know.




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