Friday, May 27, 2022

CRT Has Rapper Plies Thinking: ‘I NEVER Had An Option When it Came to the Pledge of Allegiance’ | WATCH

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Plies / Getty

*The topic of Critical Race Theory has caused division across the nation as teachers and parents debate whether it should be taught in schools. The conversation has exploded in the public as numerous state legislatures are also debating bills seeking to ban its use in the classroom.

Many people have publicly shared their feelings about it including a Virginia mother who claimed that her daughter asked her if she was “born evil” following a lesson about CRT. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice also denounced the teaching of it, declaring that Black children could be completely empowered without making White children feel bad for their race.

However, rapper Plies is now weighing in on the topic and is taking a different approach. He posted a video to his Instagram Story to share a message specifically to Black people, urging them to start making more demands: “I hope nobody takes this the wrong want ‘cause I don’t mean it in a racial way. This message is to all my Black folks…The same way we sit and watch other races tell school teachers, the school system what not to teach their kids and what they don’t want their kids learning, i.e Critical Race Theory, let me say this to my people: let’s stop living by other people’s demands.”

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