Sunday, October 2, 2022

Man Dressed as Joker Stabs 17 on Train in Tokyo: ‘I Wanted the Death Penalty’ [VIDEO]

*A man dressed as the Joker allegedly stabbed multiple people who were boarding trains in Tokyo on Halloween. 

Kyota Hattori, 24, told police following his arrest “I wanted to kill lots of people, I wanted the death penalty,” according to Reuters. During the incident, Hattori set fire to one of the cars, forcing people to flee the train through windows, Reuters reported.

Hattori revealed to investigators that “things weren’t going well with work and friends,” so he quit his job in the city of Fukuoka and settled in Tokyo.

“Trains are essential to the life of society, and it’s extremely important to be able to feel safe as you ride them,” said Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito at a Tuesday news conference.

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Passengers said the knife was covered in blood. According to reports, 17 passengers were injured, and three of them seriously.

After the attack, Hattori simply sat down and lit a cigarette while waiting for the police — see Twitter video above.

He was eventually arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Ny MaGee
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