Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Juan Williams Defends Letter Calling Parents Who Protest at School Board Meetings ‘Terrorists’

Juan Williams
Juan Williams announces he’s leaving Fox News’ “The Five”

*Fox News political commentator Juan Williams is catching heat for suggesting that the phrase “parents’ rights” is “code for white race politics.”

Williams believes the GOP is exploiting concerns about critical race theory to scare parents in Virginia amid the Virginia governor’s race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and his Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe.

In a new column published in The Hill Williams writes:

Now Virginia Republicans are back with a new and improved “Culture Wars” campaign for 2021. The closing argument is once again full of racial division — but this time it is dressed up as a defense of little children. The rallying cry is “Parents’ Rights.”

Williams notes that the phrase is mostly used by parents who are trying to “stop classroom discussion of Black Lives Matter protests or slavery because it could upset some children, especially white children who might feel guilt.”

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As reported by the Washington Examiner, Williams is also catching heat for co-signing a Sept. 29 letter by the National School Boards Association to the White House and the Department of Justice that described parents protesting at school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

Williams said the NSBA “pleaded with the Biden administration in a September letter to use federal law enforcement to protect school board members from threats of violence and other forms of bullying.”

Williams wrote that parents’ rights “at first glance looks to have zero to do with race,” but those opposed to it are put in the difficult position of “calling the attention of suburban white moms to divisive racial politics being used by Republican Glenn Youngkin’s campaign.”

“It is not long ago that racist Southern politicians rallied against integration with an argument for ‘states’ rights,’ a call to be free of federal laws seeking to end segregation,” Williams wrote. “Now the message is that white parents are being ignored when they complain that their children are uncomfortable learning about racism.”

“This movement is not about parents,” Williams wrote. “It is about exciting the far-right base by stirring up racial division. If it works, Republicans will have reason to continue down this dark path to winning elections.”

Read his full column here.

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