Monday, September 26, 2022

Cynthia Bailey’s Husband Slams Woman’s Claims He Sent Her Nude Pics


*Cynthia Bailey’s husband is shutting down allegations that he is already bored in their marriage and flirting with other women.

Bailey and sportscaster Mike Hill tied the knot last fall but now he’s caught up in some serious allegations that fans are hoping will not threaten their marriage. 

According to reports, a Twitter user with the handle @Alist_xo claims Hill hit up her DMs with flirtatious messages and nude pics. Hill denies this. 

“Okay well let’s say this for starters. He has sent me nudes I have videos and no it’s not massive but it’s pretty. The nudes I’ll post some snippets of later on but those will cost ya,” the woman wrote.

Check out Hill’s response below.

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Here’s more from AceShowbiz:

She then tried to prove her claims by showing the profile of Mike’s alleged Snapchat and their conversation. The woman also said that their conversation was only last month as she shared a picture of her phone background, which featured a cover of Tinashe’s new album.

“Please don’t believe bs,” Mike reportedly said when contacted via DM after the woman came up with the story. “Not exposing me cuz THAT’S not ME.” He hinted that he’s considering to take legal action as adding, “Don’t know this person or why they’re doing this but my lawyer has been contacted.”

When pressed that Cynthia didn’t deserve to be treated poorly like that, Mike stressed, “I wouldn’t do her like that. That’s dumb. Far from it. Just someone who hates progress or I pissed off making up stuff. Well, not from MY account and that pic is NOT mine. I know that I look like. Thank you.”

Hill claims he and Bailey are “good” and she “doesn’t believe” the woman’s tale.

“She knows what I look like. She knows I don’t use snap. Only God can separate us,” he added. 

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