Thursday, May 26, 2022

Teairra Mari Feels Legal Wrath of 50 Cent – He’s Back in Court to Get His $50K | VIDEO

50 Cent - Teairra Mari (Getty)
50 Cent – Teairra Mari (Getty)

*According to Radar, 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) is going after “Love & Hip Hop” star Teairra Mari over damages awarded to him in a lawsuit she lost.

Here’s the back story. In 2019, Teairra Mari sued 50 and her ex-boyfriend Akbar Abdul-Ahad for alleged revenge porn. She had accused Abdul-Ahad, of hacking into her Instagram account and posting a photo of her with ejaculate on her face (Holy Hold-the-Mayonnaise, Batman!).

The Fiddy man, being true to his brand, re-posted the photo on his Instagram and made fun of the leak. However, he denied doing anything wrong and called for the claim to be dismissed.

Somewhat surprisingly, the judge in the case ruled in 50s favor, awarding him $30,000 in attorney fees.

However, 50’s attorney claims Teairra has refused to hand financial documents and has not answered any question about her income.

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Fiddy’s legal team also has demanded to know where she holds bank accounts and how much she has made in royalties from her music.

The judge eventually granted motions brought by 50 to the tune of thousands more in sanctions against Teairra, which brought the total to $50,000.

Additionally, the reality TV star’s attorney Edward Ward wants nothing further to do with the situation and has requested to drop his client. Ward says another attorney from his law firm (Leron Rogers) was handling the case but left the firm and was slated to rejoin the legal fight once he established himself at the new firm.

Rogers was supposed to take the case with him to his new firm. However, it seems he has stopped working on the case completely. Ward says Rogers was the only person who talked to Mari and wants to be removed as her lawyer. He adds she also owes his firm money.

For his part, Mr. Curtis Jackson had this to say: “(She) repeatedly disobeyed this Court’s order and thumbed her nose at its authority.” He then pointed out that if the lawyer is allowed to drop her, Teiarra Mari will continue her “unlawful behavior.”

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