Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Chance the Rapper Admits He Has a ‘Lot of Dark Days’ and Suffers from ‘PTSD’ [WATCH]


*Chance the Rapper is opening up about mental health with actress Taraji P. Henson and Tracie Jade on the Facebook Watch series “Peace of Mind with Taraji”

In a preview of the episode, Henson asks Chance if mental health was discussed in his household, the rapper replies, “Wellness wasn’t something that we knew, you know?”

“There’s probably a ton of situations where people you know, we just wrote them off as crazy, or like they was tweakin’ but they were actually going through a chronic mental health disorder,” the 28-year-old hip-hop star says.

He continued, “I feel like this is something that we’re all, as a mainstream, we’re starting to be like, ‘OK, yeah health is beyond just our physical.'”

Chance then admits that he has “a lot of dark days.”

“Obviously I deal with PTSD, I saw my friend killed in front of me when I was 19 and I’ve seen people I didn’t know get killed too,” he says. “You become kind of numb to it, like somebody else died last week but it stays with you, you know what I mean? And you don’t realize until later — like I have lasting effects.”

Watch the moment via the clip below.

The episode, titled “Why Black Men Don’t Cry with Chance the Rapper” airs Nov. 1 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch.

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