Thursday, September 29, 2022

Chicago PD Fatally Shoots Knife-Wielding Man; Mom Wonders Why They Couldn’t Aim for his Arm (Watch)

Turell Brown emerges from back room waving knife toward Chicago police officers

*Bodycam video was released Tuesday in a Chicago police officer’s fatal shooting of a man armed with a knife at a domestic disturbance, and the victim’s mother is now wondering how an argument between her son and his girlfriend resulted in his death at the hands of the police, WBBM reports.

The Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA) released bodycam video of the incident that occurred just after 11 a.m. on Sept. 19 when a woman called police on her boyfriend who had punched her and pulled a knife on her.

“He hit me all through my face, punched me on my side, everything,” the woman told officers. “He pulled a knife on me too. I want him out of my house and I’m pressing charges on him.”

Bodycam video showed that when officers tried to talk to 28-year-old Turell Brown, he came out of a back room with a knife, waving it at officers.

“Put it down, dude,” an officer yelled at Brown in the video. “Put that knife down, put it down.”

Brown, still waving the knife, continued leaning out of the doorway and began moving toward the officers. Bodycam showed the officers ordered Brown to drop the knife several more times before an officer opened fire, shooting three times at the suspect, WGN reported.

Brown fell to the ground and officers immediately began to take life-saving measures. The suspect died as a result of his gunshot wounds, WGN reported.

Watch the incident below.

The officers who were involved in the incident were placed on administrative leave for 30 days as is protocol for all officer-involved shootings. They’ve since been returned to full duty on the Chicago police force, WGN reported.

Brown’s mother, Angela Wade-Brown, doesn’t understand how a domestic dispute could end in the death of her son. Wade-Brown said her son’s girlfriend told her what happened after she arrived, WBBM reported.

“They asked him to put the knife down and I guess he didn’t, so then she says they shot him,” Wade-Brown said.

“They didn’t have to shoot to kill him,” she told WBBM. “They could have shot him in the arm and for him to drop the weapon. They could have shot him in the leg. But they shot and they killed him. And I feel like he didn’t have to lose his life because of that.”




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